Rental Equipment

Imaging Services' rental inventory includes photo, film and video gear. Due to a limited supply, current students in the film and photography programs are given priority. In some circumstances, special arrangements may be made for non-photo students and faculty members who have experience with the equipment. Please contact us for rates and availability.

When is my rental equipment due?

All rental equipment is due by noon the following business day regardless of what time it is rented. We are open Monday through Thursday 9-5 and Friday and Sunday 9-12.

Can I re-rent my equipment?

Equipment rental may be renewed if you contact us before it is overdue. If it is not on reserve to another student, we will renew your rental.

What happens if my return is late?

A $20 late fee will be charged per day, per item. A demerit will be placed on your account as well; if you accrue three demerits, your rental account will be suspended for the remainder of the semester.

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