Course Descriptions

BSCM101 History and Introduction to Construction Management   2 cr.
A historical background into the development of the construction industry, the roles of the different participants and an overview of the construction process. Career choices, industry firms, and key players in the Construction Management process will be explored.  Prerequisite:  HIST117, 118, ENGL115.

BSCM207 Regulatory Issues        2 cr.
Examination of the regulations in planning, building, advocacy and civil rights rules.  Includes investigative techniques, jurisdictional responsibilities and inspection procedures.

BSCM215 Construction Equipment and Methods     2 cr.
Construction equipment and selected construction methods including equipment application strategies, own/lease benefits and establishing operational costs for project estimating.

BSCM301 Cost Estimating I        2 cr. 
Introduction to the estimating function and review and applications of material quantity survey techniques used in estimating costs of construction projects. Includes types of approximate and precise methods of estimating and their uses, and computer applications.

BSCM302 Cost Estimating II        3 cr.
Pricing and bidding of construction work including cost factors, labor and equipment, productivity factors, prices databases, job direct and indirect costs, methods of estimating time, materials, equipment, subcontractors' work, general expenses, and profit, bid preparations and submission, and computer applications.  Prerequisite:  BSCM301

BSCM325 Structural Systems Design       2 cr.
The study of typical construction materials as used in the design process.  Concrete, wood, steel, and composite structures and underlying mechanical and physical properties will be covered.  Prerequisite:  MATH168, PHYS141

BSCM349 Construction Documents      3 cr.
This course examines construction documents for competitive bidding and execution of projects. Light and heavy construction types will be examined.

BSCM365 Site Construction and Surveying      2 cr.
The study of critical aspects of site construction and surveying relating to on-site logistics.

BSCM401 Construction Management I       3 cr. *
Construction management concepts and practices, the management system, construction planning and programming, project control, environmental management, total quality management, and ethics in construction management.

BSCM402 Construction Management II       3 cr. *
A management course in contract documents, safety, planning, scheduling, production control, and law and labor. Topics include contracts, planning, cost and production peripheral documents, and cost and work analysis, scheduling, material handling, layout, payment scheduling, and inspections.

BSCM410 Project Planning & Scheduling      2 cr. *
Construction planning, scheduling, and communications required for project control, the practical and legal implications of each, as well as introduction to the use of scheduling software, and its benefits. 

BSCM420 Construction Law        2 cr. *
Study of the United States legal system and contractual issues that are significant to construction managers, and addresses ethics in the construction industry.  Legal issues arising from design and construction services, focusing on risk management and liability awareness.

BSCM430 Professional Practice        3 cr. *
Analyzes construction contracts, specifications, and practices with regard to business law and liability. Examines contractor, architect, and engineer responsibilities through case studies and class discussions.

BSCM445  Building Information Modeling – Cost Analysis   3 cr.
Application of a Building Information Model that incorporates cost data, used for quantity takeoff and cost estimating.  Prerequisite:  ARCH435

BSCM455  Building Information Modeling – Construction Management  3 cr.
Application of a Building Information Model used to visualize a construction schedule and sequence.  Prerequisite:  BSCM445

BSCM465  Collaborative Project Delivery     3 cr.
Application of project delivery in conjunction with a concurrent project within the School of Architecture.  Building Information Modeling will be used as a method of applying cost analysis and project planning and scheduling.  Prerequisite:  BSCM455


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