Besides housing studios, classroom space and offices, the Andrews University Architecture Building doubles as a rotating exhibition space for student work. The Architecture Resource Center (ARC) and the slide library are also located in the main Architecture building, and conveniently situated to allow students and faculty easy access. There is a Canon iRC 3200 color photocopy machine/printer in the ARC, and a Canon C2880i in the north studio for faculty and student use.

The School of Architecture Art & Design has installed a wireless radio frequency network, allowing connectivity to Internet, the architecture local area network (LAN), printers and plotters. Additionally, extra hardwire ports have been installed to serve as an extension of the existing network.

Building Hours
The Architecture building is open from 5:00 am to 1:00 am - Sunday through Thursday, 5:00 am to approximately 4:00 pm - Friday, and 9:00 pm Saturday to 1:00 am - Sunday. The School reserves the right to take disciplinary actions against any students who do not respect the 1:00 am closing. Students remain responsible for keeping any residence hall curfews whether the Architecture Building is closed or open. No "all-night" passes will be issued to any student.
General Information
School Assemblies
School assemblies are scheduled the first Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am, unless otherwise indicated. Assemblies bring students in the School together for presentations and discussions on material of interest to architects.

University Assemblies--Every Tuesday
University Chapels--Every Thursday

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