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Acounting, Economics, & Finance
Alan J. Kirkpatrick, Associate Professor of Finance
BA, University of South Florida;
MBA, Georgia State University;
DBA, University of Tennessee
Email: kirkpatr@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3102
Office: 215A Chan Shun Hall

LeRoy Ruhupatti, Assitant Professor of Accounting
BA, Klabat University, Indonesia;
MSC, St. Tomas University, Philippines;
PhD, The University of Western Australia, Australia
Email: ruhupatt@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3583
Office: 215D Chan Shun Hall

Lucile Sabas, Associate Professor of Economics 
BA, MA, University of the French West Indies 
PhD, University La Sorbonne
Email: sabas@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-6965
Office: 215B Chan Shun Hall

Carmelita Troy, Associate Professor of Accounting
BS, Pacific Union College; 
MBA, Andrews University;
PhD, University of Maryland College Park
Email: troyc@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-7651
Office: 215E Chan Shun Hall

Elvie Sundalangi, Instructor of Accounting
BA, Universitas Klabat
MS, Unviersity of Santo Tomas
Email: sundalan@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-6173
Office: 215F Chan Shun Hall

Management, Marketing, & Information Systems
Betty L. S. Gibson, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
BSc, The University of the West Indies;
MS, Andrews University
Email: bgibson@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-6596
Office: 218D Chan Shun Hall

William C. Greenley, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
BS, Columbia Union College;
MSA, Central Michigan University;
DBA, Nova Southeastern University
Email: greenley@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-6558
Office: 05 Smith Hall 

José R. Goris, Professor of Management
BA, Antillean Adventist University;
MA, Loma Linda University;
MBA, Inter American University of Puerto Rico;
PhD, University of North Texas
Email: gorisj@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3584
Office: 218A Chan Shun Hall

Ben A. Maguad, Professor of Management
AB, University of Santo Tomas-Manila;
MA, Thammasat University-Bangkok;
MBA, Andrews University;
PhD, University of South Australia-Hong Kong Ext.
Email: maguad@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3103
Office: 218C Chan Shun Hall 

Armand Poblete, Instructor of Information System
BS, University of Eastern Africa;
MS, Andrews University
Email: poblete@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3105
Office: 230B Chan Shun Hall

Jacquelyn Warwick, Professor of Marketing 
BA, University of Puget Sound;
MBA, PhD, Texas A&M University
Email: warwick@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3116
Office: 218F Chan Shun Hall 

W. Bruce Wrenn, J.N. Andrews Professor of Marketing
BA, Auburn University; MA,
PhD, Northwestern University
(Holds joint appointment in the SDA Theological Seminary)
Email: bwrenn@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3107
Office: 218E Chan Shun Hall

Executive Faculty & Staff
Jen Birney, Dean's Executive Assistant
Email: birneyj@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3632
Office: 201 Chan Shun Hall

Allen F. Stembridge, Professor of Management, Dean of the School of Business Administration
Business Diploma, Helderberg College;
B. Commerce, University of South Africa;
MBA, EdD, Andrews University
Email: stem@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3632
Office: 201 Chan Shun Hall

Wanda Swensen, Assistant to the Dean for Off-Campus Programs
Email: wandas@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3155
Office: 203 Chan Shun Hall

Jerry Chi, Assistant Dean/Graduate Programs Director, Professor of Management
PhD, Illinois State University;
MBA, PhD, Andrews University;
BBA, BA, Taiwan Adventist College
Email: jerry@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-6859
Office: 203 Chan Shun Hall 

Laura Johnston, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator
Email: johnstol@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3627
Office: 218B Chan Shun Hall

Derill Legoh, Information Systems Support Manager
Email: sbait-info@andrews.edu or legoh@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-2862
Office: 230C Chan Shun Hall

Jan Pickett, MMIS Secretary/Administrative Assistant to Graduate Programs Advisor
Email: janp@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3339
Office: 218 Chan Shun Hall

Beverley Gray, AEF Secretary
Email: beverleyg@andrews.edu
Phone: 269-471-3429
Office: 215 Chan Shun Hall

Adjunct Professors & Visiting Professors

Ann Gibson, PhD, CPA
Robert Schwab, PhD
Robin Sarkar, PhD
James Temple, MBA, CPA
Slimen J. Saliba, PhD Marketing
Susan Taylor, JD Management


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