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Dr I . Newman













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Considering the Purpose of Research When Identifying Quantitative and Qualitative Commonalities

A review of the methodological literature describing mixed-methods, quantitative and qualitative research paradigms suggest that though many have rejected the so-called paradigm wars there remains much focus on what is different about each research tradition. This presentation offers a conceptual discussion of a series of qualitative and quantitative research endeavors that share common underpinnings and purpose.  Dr. Newman will demonstrate several commonalities between approaches with the hope of encouraging readers to allow research questions to guide methodological choices and avoid overemphasizing division between research paradigms. 



How to Write a Theoretical Framework

Whether you are writing a thesis dissertation, or an article, the ability to craft a cogent and coherent theoretical framework is crucial to the process. Dr. Ostrander will present a practical, four-step process for writing a theoretical framework. These four steps include (1) Looking at the larger theoretical base of your study topic, (2) presenting a brief  historical overview of theoretical thinking related to your topic, (3) describing the current context of theoretical thinking, and (4) presenting a series of logic statements specific to your study that identify the variables your study addresses.

















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