PhD Counseling Psychology

The Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology prepares students for the multi-faceted role of the professional psychologist, which allows them to work in a variety of settings including: academia, clinical settings, consultation, churches, businesses, and private settings. It is also the intent of the program to prepare graduates for licensure as professional psychologists in the U.S. and with eligibility to practice internationally. Students should consult with the appropriate authorities regarding requirements in the states or countries in which they wish to engage in clinical practice. Counseling psychology students must specialize in one of the listed areas of emphases: Adult, Child/Family, Cultural Diversity, and Health Psychology. Specialty emphases should be developed within a student's course plan in close consultation with their advisor to coincide with the student's dissertation topic. Additionally, each emphasis requires students to complete specified coursework, Advanced Emphasis practicum, and a dissertation topic related to chosen emphasis.

Admissions: Students entering the Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology should have a master's degree in counseling or a related field.
In order for an applicant without a master's degree to be eligible for consideration of admissions, they must have the following: undergraduate major in psychology; outstanding academic record with satisfactory GPA; and satisfactory scores on both the GRE General Test and Advanced Test in Psychology. A master's degree may be received en route to the doctoral degree, however, all master's degree requirements must be met.
The Ph.D. course requirements assume a prior master's degree that includes graduate courses in the following areas. If courses in these areas have not been taken prior to admission, the indicated Andrews University course must be taken as part of the degree, in addition to Ph.D. courses listed below:

     • EDFN 500 - Philosophical Foundations for Professionals
     • GDPC 514 - Psychology of Learning
     • GDPC 520 - Life Span Development
     • GDPC 635 - Theories & Techniques of Counseling
     • GDPC 638 - Group Processes
     • GDPC 640 - Multicultural Issues for Counselors and Psych
     • GDPC 644 - Psychological Testing
     • GDPC 650 - Practicum in Counseling
     • EDRM 505 - Research Methods OR
       EDRM 506 - Research and Evaluation for Counselors
     • EDRM 611 - Applied Statistical Methods I

Andrews University Doctoral Transfer Requirements: The Ph.D. Counseling Psychology program requires a minimum of 32 course credits be taken in residence at Andrews University.

• Completion of all required practicum (in this case 3 consecutive semesters - 9 credits)
• Completion of internship (one calendar year 40 hr per week APA approved internship - 3 credits)
• Dissertation credit to complete your dissertation – 16 credits minimum (14 dissertation, 2 EDRM880)
• Doctoral Comprehensive Examination

Residency Requirements: The Counseling Psychology program requires students to complete a minimum of 3 full-time academic years of graduate study, with at least 2 of those years at Andrews University. At least 1 year must be in full-time residence (3-consecutive full-time semesters) at Andrews University.

Core Faculty:

Dr. Carol Woolford-Hunt (Program Coordinator)
Dr. Ronald Coffen

Dr. Dennis Waite
Prerequisites (When Entering from the Master's Degree)
Course#      Prerequisites      Credits
GDPC514 Psychology of Learning 3
GDPC520 Psychological Development - The Life Span 3
GDPC635 Theories and Techniques of Counseling 3
GDPC638 Group Processes 3
GDPC640 Multicultural Issues for Counselors and Psychologists 3
GDPC644 Psychological Testing 3
GDPC650 Practicum in Counseling 3
EDRM505 Research Methods 3
EDRM611 Applied Statistical Methods I 3
EDFN500 Philosophical Foundations of Education and Psychology 3


Degree Requirements
Course#     Psychological Foundations Credits
GDPC616 Psychology of Religious Experience 3
GDPC620 History and Systems of Psychology 3
GDPC625 Biopsychology 3
GDPC626 Cognitive Psychology 3
GDPC629 Psychopathology:  Classification & Treatment                                3
GDPC676 Theories of Personality                                                  3
GDPC670 Advanced Social Psychology 3
Total PhD Psychological Foundations Credits   21


  GDPC554 Career Development 3
  GDPC645 Professional Ethics for Counselors & Psychologists 3
  GDPC652 Cognitive Assessment 3
  GDPC686 Interventions and Diagnosis with Children and Adolescents 3
  GDPC687 Counseling and Therapeutic Interventions for Adults 3
  GDPC735 Clinician Self-Assessment for the Treatment of Culturally Diverse Populations 3
  GDPC765 Seminar in the Supervision of Counselors 2
  GDPC745 Practicum in Counseling Psychology 4
  GDPC750 Personality Assessment 3
  GDPC753 Psych Decision Making and Interventions 3
  GDPC820 Internship in Counseling Psychology 3
  GDPC835 Seminar in Counseling Psychology 3

Select one of the following Specialty Concentrations:

  Adult Concentration - 15 Credits
    Electives by advisement 3
  GDPC688 Group Therapy 3
  GDPC720 Marital Therapy 3
  GDPC746 Adult Advanced Emphasis Practicum 6
  Child/Family Concentration - 15 Credits
    Electives by advisement 3
  GDPC710 Family Therapy 3
  GDPC720 Martital Therapy 3
  GDPC847 Child/Family Advanced Emphasis Practicum 6
  Cultural Diversity Concentration - 15 Credits
    Electives by advisement 3
  GDPC730 International Psychology 3
  GDPC755 Refugee & Displaced Populations Clinical Interventions 3
  GDPC848 Diversity Advanced Emphasis Practicum 6
  Health Psychology Emphasis- 15 Credits
    Electives by Advisement 3
  GDPC746 Issues in Health Psychology Seminar 3
  SOWK 675 Topics in: Pharmacology 3
  GDPC849 Health Psychology Advanced Emphasis Practicum 6
Total Professional Studies Credits


course# research/statistics/measurement


EDRM605 Qualitative Research Methods in Educ and Psychology                  3
EDRM704 Design & Analysis of Educ & Psych Surveys 3
EDRM710 Seminar in Research Methodology 1
EDRM712 Applied Statistical Methods II 3
EDRM713 Applied Statistical Methods III 3
EDRM880 Dissertation Proposal Development 2
Total Research/Statistics/Measurement Credits 15


EDPC899 Doctoral Dissertation                                                                           14             

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