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Continuing Education for Teachers Courses

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Game-Based Learning EDCI 642-002 3
Graphics for the Classroom EDCI 642-003 3
Introduction to Teaching with Technology EDCI 642-004 3
Technology and Ethics EDCI 642-005 3
Technology Basics for Teachers EDCI 642-006 3
Using Moodle to Support Curriculum EDCI 642-007 3
Web Design for Teachers EDCI 642-008 3
Implementing BYOD into the Classroom EDCI 642-009 3
Tablet and iPad Basics for Teachers EDCI 642-010 3


Learner's Edge, Inc. Courses

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
180 Degrees: Rethinking Classroom Management EDCI 641-001 3
A New View: Teaching, Learning and Creating EDCI 641-002 3
Achieving Success with English Language Learning EDCI 641-003 3
Across the Spectrum: Teaching Students with Autism EDCI 641-004 3
ADHD: Focusing, Learning, Teaching EDCI 641-005 3
Anytime, Anywhere: Today’s Learner EDCI 641-006 3
Assignment Homework: Where, When and Why? EDCI 641-007 3
Brain Works: Better Teaching with the Brain in Mind EDCI 641-008 3
Bringing Your Classroom Online: Best Practices to Get You There EDCI 641-009 3
Building Comprehension in the Primary Grades EDCI 641-010 3
Problem Solving in the Math Classroom Grades K-4 EDCI 641-011 3
Building Successful Readers in All Content Areas EDCI 641-012 3
Caring for the Mental Health of the Young Learner EDCI 641-013 1
Caring for the Mental Health of Your Students EDCI 641-014 1
Common Core: Successful Transition for Your 6-12 ELA Classroom EDCI 641-015 3
Conferring with Young Writers PreK-2 EDCI 641-016 3
Create and Captivate: Using Online Presentations to Teach EDCI 641-017 3
CSI: Creative Science Instruction Through Inquiry EDCI 641-018 3
Cyberbullying: Safeguarding Students and Improving School Climate EDCI 641-019 3
Differentiated Learning: How to Teach to Varying Ability Levels EDCI 641-020 3
Differentiation and Grading: Making It Work EDCI 641-021 3
Dive into Digital: Understanding the Digital Learner EDCI 641-022 3
Education Revolution: Real, Relevant and Global Education EDCI 641-023 3
Effective Classroom Management: Discipline with Dignity EDCI 641-024 3
Engaging and Empowering Students in Primary Grades EDCI 641-025 3
Engaging Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles in Your Classroom EDCI 641-026 3
Excelling in the Early Childhood Classroom EDCI 641-027 3
Follow the Leader: What Great Teacher-Leaders Do EDCI 641-028 3
Fully Wired: Understanding and Empowering Adolescents EDCI 641-029 3
Gender Matters: How Boys and Girls Learn EDCI 641-030 3
Good to Great: Principles of Great Teaching EDCI 641-031 3
Igniting Creativity, Comprehension, and Collaboration Through Inquiry EDCI 641-032 3
In the Face of Poverty EDCI 641-033 3
Inclusion Strategies: Success in the Classroom EDCI 641-034 3
Instructional Strategies That Work EDCI 641-035 3
Integrating the Brain and the Arts into Your Classroom EDCI 641-036 3
Knowing What You Know: Summarizing Savvy EDCI 641-037 3
Literacy and Learning: The Building Blocks EDCI 641-038 3
Literacy, the Write Way: Developing Writers in All Content Areas EDCI 641-039 3
Lost in Translation: New Languages, New Learning EDCI 641-040 3
Math Works: Teaching Math with the Brain in Mind EDCI 641-041 3
One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Sketches, Spreadsheets and Virtual Travel for Your Classroom EDCI 641-042 3
Parent Trap: Achieving Success EDCI 641-043 3
Professional Learning Communities: Moving from Knowing to Doing EDCI 641-044 3
Building Mathematical Conversations Grades K-4 EDCI 641-045 3
Reaching the Top: Taking Coaching and Advising to the Next Level EDCI 641-046 3
Reaching Young Readers: Improving Reading Skills K-3 EDCI 641-047 3
Reading for Understanding Grades 4-12 EDCI 641-048 3
Refocus and Recharge: Strategies for Finding Balance in Teaching EDCI 641-049 3
Service Learning: Engaging Students in Meaningful Experience EDCI 641-050 3
Shaping Respectful, Responsible Learners in Your Classroom EDCI 641-051 3
Sticks and Stones: The No-Bully Zone EDCI 641-052 3
Succeeding with the Struggling Student EDCI 641-053 3
Successful Strategies in Literacy EDCI 641-054 3
Super Sub: How to Succeed as a Substitute Teacher EDCI 641-055 2
Tapping the Talent: Working with Gifted Students EDCI 641-056 3
Teach Like a Champ: Effective Strategies for an Engaged Classroom EDCI 641-057 3
Teach Well, Learn Well: RTI EDCI 641-058 3
Teaching with Technology EDCI 641-059 1
Technology: Byte-Size, Big Learning EDCI 641-060 3
The Challenging Child: Strategies for the Early Childhood Classroom EDCI 641-061 3
The Courage to Care: Working with At-Risk Students EDCI 641-062 3
The Culturally Competent Educator EDCI 641-063 3
The Driving Force: Keys to Developing a Motivating Classroom EDCI 641-064 3
The Future is Now: Re-visioning Skills for the 21st Century Classroom EDCI 641-065 3
The Science C-U-E: Content, Understanding, and Environment EDCI 641-066 3
The Sky’s the Limit: The Outdoor Classroom EDCI 641-067 3
The Write Foundation K-2 EDCI 641-068 3
The Write Stuff: Content Area Writing EDCI 641-069 3
The Writer’s Notebook Grades 4-12 EDCI 641-070 3
Virtual Field Tripping: Explore the World Without Leaving School EDCI 641-071 1
Web EDU EDCI 641-072 3
What Great Leaders Do: Excelling as an Administrator EDCI 641-073 3
What Great Middle School Teachers Do EDCI 641-074 3
What Great Teachers Do EDCI 641-075 3
What Kids Need: Building Self-Discipline EDCI 641-076 1
Words Matter: Using Teacher Language to Help Students EDCI 641-077 3
Co-Teaching: Partners in Practice EDCI 641-078 3
Engaging Parents for Student Success EDCI 641-079 3
Grief and Your Students EDCI 641-080 1
Data in the Math Classroom Grades K-12 EDCI 641-081 3
Got Skills? The Common Core Beyond ELA and Math EDCI 641-082 3
Flipping Your Classroom: Your Lessons, Your Learning EDCI 641-083 1
Successful Literacy Assessment EDCI 641-084 1
Learning to Learn: Student Skills for School and Life EDCI 641-085 3
Unlocking Informational Text: Keys to Engagement EDCI 641-086 3
Raise the Bar: Positive Interventions for Students Who Challenge Us EDCI 641-087 3
PBIS 101 EDCI 641-088 3


PLS 3rd Learning Courses

For more information or to register for one of these courses, visit the PLS 3rd Learning home page at

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Action Research for the Classroom
     (not available during summer months)
EDCI  631-001 3
Action Research for the E-Learning Environment
     (not available during summer months)
EDCI 631-002 3
Building Online Collaborative Environment EDCI 631-003 3
Cultural Competence EDCI 631-004 3
Differentiated Instruction for Today’s Classroom EDCI 631-007 3
Educating the Net-Generation EDCI 631-008 3
Facilitating Online Learning Communities EDCI 631-009 3
Instructional Design for Online Educators EDCI 631-012 3
Reading Across the Curriculum EDCI 631-014 3
Simulations and Gaming Technologies EDCI 631-015 3
Successful Teaching for Accepting Responsibility EDCI 631-017 3
Teaching the English Language Learner EDCI 631-019 3
Using Online Resources to Bring Primary Sources to the Classroom Online EDCI 631-020 3
Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences EDCI 631-023 3
Classroom Management to Orchestrate Learning EDCI 631-041 3
Teaching Through Learning Channels EDCI 631-042 3
Blended and Synchronous Design EDCI 631-045 3
Foundations of Literacy—Beginning to Read EDCI 631-047 3


Professional Development Institute Courses

For more information, contact

These courses are currently open for registration and do not have a fixed start date. All work must be completed within six months from the registration date. These courses are web-based, so you can access them any time from any computer with Internet access. They are self-paced so you can work on your own schedule. There are no individual assignment or reading due dates, though all work must be completed within the six-month window. Your final grade will be sent to Andrews University upon completion of the course for documentation and transcript processing. A user-friendly learning management system with detailed instructions is available as well as user support. Please contact with any questions.

To register for a Professional Development Institute course, use this Professional Development Institute registration form.

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Active and Hands-On Science Instruction EDCI 624-001 3
Anti-Bullying Strategies for Primary Grades EDCI 624-002 3
A Primary Teacher's Guide to Positive Discipline EDCI 624-003 3
Bullying: Awareness, Prevent and Intervent Grades 4-8 EDCI 624-004 3
Comprehension: The Key to Successful Reading, K-3 EDCI 624-005 3
Comprehension Strategies for Middle and Upper Grades 4-12 EDCI 624-006 3
Designing and Creating a Virtual Field Trip EDCI 624-007 3
Differentiated Instruction: One Size Does Not Fit All EDCI 624-008 3
Educational Technology 101 EDCI 624-009 3
Effective Strategies to Improve Student Writing EDCI 624-010 3
Effectively Using iPads to Transform the Classroom EDCI 624-011 3
Google as a Classroom Tool for Learning EDCI 624-012 3
Improving Your Students' Test Taking Skills EDCI 624-013 3
Integrating Interactive Whiteboards into the Curriculum EDCI 624-014 3
Introduction to the Common Core State Standards EDCI 624-015 3
Making the Most of the Internet in the Classroom EDCI 624-016 3
Multimedia Project Design and Development EDCI 624-017 3
Positive Discipline: A Powerful Approach to Classroom Management EDCI 624-018 3
Preparing Students for the Common Core Assessments EDCI 624-019 3
Reaching Students Through Character Education EDCI 624-020 3
Reading to Learn: Developing Strategic Reading Skills 4-12 EDCI 624-021 3
Response to Intervention in Reading EDCI 624-022 3
Study Smarter Not Harder EDCI 624-023 3
Teaching Real World Math: Tools and Techniques Primary Grades EDCI 624-024 3
Teaching Students with Special Needs Mainstream Classroom EDCI 624-025 3
Writer's Workshop in the Elementary Classroom EDCI 624-026 3


Quality Educational Programs, Inc., Courses

For more information or to register for one of these courses, visit the QEP home page at

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Teaching Students Responsible Behavior EDCI 632-051 3
Cooperation in the Quality Classroom EDCI 632-052 3
Teaching in the Quality Classroom EDCI 632-053 3
Responsibility, Respect, Relationships EDCI 632-054 3
Dealing with Discipline Problems EDCI 632-055 3
Teaching in the 21st Century EDCI 632-056 3
Improving Student Achievement EDCI 632-057 3
Building Home School Partnerships EDCI 632-059 3
Every Student Can Succeed EDCI 632-060 3
Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom EDCI 632-061 3
Differentiated Instructional Strategies EDCI 632-062 3
Differentiated Assessment Strategies EDCI 632-063 3
Introduction to Differentiation EDCI 632-064 3
Creating a Professional Portfolio EDCI 632-065 3
Differentiation and Literacy EDCI 632-066 3
Classroom of Choice EDCI 632-067 3
Teaching Students Responsible Behavior Part II EDCI 632-068 3


SCT Continuing Education Services for Educators

For more information or to register for one of these courses, visit the SCT home page at

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
ED, LD and Mental Health Issues in the Regular Classroom EDCI 644-001 3
Helping Boys Succeed in School EDCI 644-002 3
How Teachers Can Break the Cycle of Bullying EDCI 644-003 3
How to Help Children with Co-existing Neuro Behavioral Disorders EDCI 644-004 3
Immediate Solutions for Middle School and Secondary Classroom Management EDCI 644-005 3
Motivating Underachievers EDCI 644-006 3
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports EDCI 644-007 3
Professional Learning Communities EDCI 644-008 3
Response to Intervention EDCI 644-009 3
Solving Friendship Problems EDCI 644-010 3
Teaching Young Children with ADHD EDCI 644-011 3
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders EDCI 644-012 3
Understanding Common Core State Standards EDCI 644-013 3

Top Courses

For more information or to register for one of these courses, visit the TOE home page at

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Differentiated Instruction Strategies for Today’s Classroom EDCI 633-072 3
Brain Based Classroom        EDCI 633-073 3
Boys and School EDCI 633-074 3
Group Smart: Building 21st Century Brains Through Strategic Peer Interaction EDCI 633-075 3
Teaching Kids to Think Without Losing Your Mind EDCI 633-076 3


TechTalk Professional Development Courses

For more information or to register for one of these courses, visit the TechTalk home page at

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Connecting Beyond the Traditional Classroom EDCI 643-001 3
Collaboration in the Classroom: An Introduction to Google Apps EDCI 643-002 3
Rigorous Assessments with Online Resources EDCI 643-003 3
The Blended Learning Classroom EDCI 643-004 3
Integrating Technology into the Common Core EDCI 643-005 3
The iPad Revolution EDCI 643-006 3
Teaching in the Interactive Classroom EDCI 643-007 3


Virtual Education Software, Inc. Courses

For more information or to register for one of these courses, visit the VESi home page at

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Advanced Classroom Management EDCI 635-001 2
Attention Deficit Disorder EDCI 635-002 2
Autism and Asperger’s Disorder EDCI 635-003 2
Behavior Is Language EDCI 635-004 3
Child Abuse EDCI 635-005 2
Drugs and Alcohol in School EDCI 635-006 2
Early Childhood Family Centered Services EDCI 635-007 2
Early Childhood Observation and Assessment EDCI 635-008 3
Early Childhood Program Planning EDCI 635-009 3
Early Childhood Typical and Atypical Development EDCI 635-010 3
Educational Assessment EDCI 635-011 2
Harassment, Bullying and Cyber-Intimidation in School EDCI 635-012 2
Inclusion EDCI 635-013 2
Infant and Toddler Mental Health EDCI 635-014 2
Learning Disabilities EDCI 635-015 3
Reading Fundamentals #1 EDCI 635-016 2
Reading Fundamentals #2 EDCI 635-017 2
Reading Fundamentals #3 EDCI 635-018 3
Talented and Gifted EDCI 635-019 2
Teaching Diversity EDCI 635-020 2
Traumatized Child EDCI 635-021 2
Understanding Aggression EDCI 635-022 3
Violence in Schools EDCI 635-023 2
Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually EDCI 635-024 2
Why DI?  An Introduction to Differentiation EDCI 635-026 3
Reading and Writing in the Content Area EDCI 635-028 2
Try DI!: Planning and Preparation EDCI 635-029 3
Understanding and Implementing Common Core Standards EDCI 635-030 3


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