Theology and Christian Philosophy

Theology and Christian Philosophy Department is a home of several biblical sciences:
  • Christian Theology (the science of God) searches the Bible in order to know God and to understand His involvement in human life and eternal destiny. It does this in two ways. Systematic Theology has a passion to understand the truth. Its task is to formulate the Biblical message into doctrinal statements faithful to Scripture and applicable to our lives. Historical Theology has a passion to protect the truth. Its task is to evaluate doctrines and systems of the past and present in light of biblical teachings.
  • Christian Philosophy (the love of wisdom) has a passion for wisdom. It calls for a careful examination of the methods, content, and presuppositions of Christian claims on truth and Christian identity.
  • Christian Ethics (the science of holiness) has a passion for being true and living the truth. It seeks to challenge individual Christians and the Church toward integrity in lifestyle and character after the example of Jesus.
Faculty and Support Personnel
Darius Jankiewicz
Chair, Theology and Christian Philosophy Department
Professor of Historical Theology
Jo Ann Davidson
Professor of Theology
Denis Fortin
Professor of Historical Theology
Martin Hanna
Associate Professor of Historical Theology
Ante Jeroncic
Associate Professor of Ethics and Theology
John C. Peckham
Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Philosophy
John T. Baldwin
Professor of Theology, Emeritus
Fernando L. Canale
Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Emeritus
Peter van Bemmelen
Professor of Theology, Emeritus
Miroslav M. Kis
Professor of Ethics, Emeritus

Prudence Campbell
Administrative Assistant, Theology
and Christian Philosophy Department



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