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Professor: Jerry Moon

Date: April 8-11, 2013
Location: Chesapeake Conference Office, Columbia, MD

Course Description

The history and development of Seventh-day Adventist theology from the 1840s to the present, with emphasis on doctrines such as the Sabbath, sanctuary, conditional immortality, eschatology, covenants, Christology, and righteousness by faith.


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Attendee List: 3/20/2013

1. Denise Hayden

2. Leandro Robinson

3. Miguel Crespo

4. Asnel Valcin

5. Darnel Marius

6. Marleena Debrough

7. Tuwan Ussery

8. Sherry Hall

9. Travis Afflick

10. Peggi Trusty

11. Easton Marks

12. Elvis Mogoi

13. Michael Cox

14. Marquis Johns

15. Inskip Allsop

16. Gregory Nelson

17. Michael Mattzela


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