MA in Pastoral Ministry Class

NTST 567 Theology the English New Testament: Luke-Acts









Professor: Teresa Reeve
Date: March 16-20, 2014
Location: Mid-America Union Conference Office, Lincoln, Nebraska

Course Description:

Though separated by the Gospel of John in the traditional order of the New Testament canon, the books of Luke and Acts are in reality a two-part work which makes up about 30% of the New Testament. Luke and Acts are woven together by an artfully integrated structure of parallels and developing themes that together present an awe-inspiring picture of God’s work on earth through Jesus and the early believers. In this class we will explore ten key themes presented in the Luke-Acts and how the testimony of this inspired work of Scripture speaks to the church today.

Course Resources:

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Joseph Bates
  2. Tiffany Brown
  3. Steven Mark Carlson
  4. Jose A. Diaz
  5. Todd Garlick
  6. Gabriel Gutierrez Jr.
  7. Richard Kurtz
  8. Karen Lewis
  9. Nicolas Louis
  10. Jim Martin
  11. James McCurdy
  12. Otavio S. McKenzie
  13. Jeff Scoggins
  14. Nate Skaife
  15. Jana Thurber
  16. Philip Tse
  17. Carol Hurley Turk
  18. Ricky Wade
  19. Brian Yensho



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