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Financial Aid

Financial aid is separated into 2 categories: Merit-based and Need-based.


Merit-based financial aid is in the form of scholarships that can come from sources outside of Andrews University or from the new Andrews Partnership Scholarship (APS) which, for new students, is based upon their high school G.P.A. and ACT or SAT scores.

The Andrews Partnership Scholarship program awards from $2,500 to $10,000 per year to incoming freshmen for all 4 years of college and from $2,000 to $9,000 per year (beginning Fall semester 2014) for Transfer* students! Call  (269)471-6718  or  (800)253-2874  ext. 3854 to find out more!

Additionally, students who start at Andrews University as a Freshmen are eligible for the Four in Four Scholarship of $1,000 per year that is renewable for three additional years as long as the student successfully completes a minimum of 30 Andrews University credits each year (fall through summer semesters).

There is also a Be the Salt Leadership Award.  While most options for this award have to do with leadership positions in a school setting homeschoolers can achieve this award through the Seventh Day Adventist church Pathfinder program by completing the level 3 or 4 Teen Leadership in Training program.  This award gives the student up to 12 free online credits offered during the summers after their Freshman year from a set of courses call Seize the Summer.

*If a new student transfers 25 or more college semester credits from another college to Andrews University they are considered a Transfer student.


Need-based financial aid is based upon a combination of family and student income. To receive financial aid the family and student must fill out a form at AU Student Financial Services (SFS) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. This can be done by mail or online at the website listed below and should be completed by March 1 preceding the fall semester the student will be starting college. If you want to do this online you can significantly speed up the process by going to the same website below and applying for a PIN for the student and one of the parents. Do this at least 3 weeks prior to the time you will be filling out the FAFSA so the PINs will arrive to you in time.

The Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), the end product of the FAFSA process in Student Aid Report (SAR), is a reference number used for determining Need-based financial aid and is not the actually amount of money a family/student will need to contribute toward college costs since the tuition costs vary so widely from one college / university to another. Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Note: The Andrews University reference number for having your FAFSA sent automatically to AU is 002238.


Click Here to go to Student Financial Services for tuition costs, payment options, etc.

Tips for Financial Planning Success
  1. Fill out your FAFSA early.
  2. Confirm the accuracy of your Student Aid Report when you receive it.
  3. Take out only the amount of loan money you absolutely need.
  4. Read all the mail you get from the Student Financial Services office

Be sure to turn everything in! One piece of documentation can keep or delay you from getting the money you need for school.

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