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Original Texts
The SAGES program incorporates primary texts, meaning that students will read the texts first-hand rather than the summaries simplified for textbooks. SAGES courses provide education through reading and analyzing the enduring works of significant writers from a variety of ages and areas of study. SAGES also assures that students will leave the university with a significant library, both in the mind and on the shelf.

Simple Scheduling
SAGES requires 16 courses versus the 23 general education course requirements.

Fewer Credits
50 SAGES credits satisfy what the regular general education program requires in 52-58 semester credits (as required for BA and BS degrees).

Small-Group Classes
Most seminars average about 15-20 students, as opposed to the much larger general education courses. The larger freshmen course, Western Heritage, gives new students the opportunity to get acquainted with fellow SAGES scholars.

Honors Audits
To enhance Andrews Scholars' opportunities to learn for the sake of learning, a scholar enrolled full time (a minimum of 12 regular credits) may attend one course free each semester, registering as an Honors Audit (HN), which is indicated on the transcript. Though no credit is earned, an Honors Audit provides a significant opportunity to broaden one's knowledge at no cost even if it forms an overload. Registration for an Honors Audit (HN) should take place during regular registration, and in no case later than the regular drop/add date. Attendance and other regulations for an audit apply.
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