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Canadian Citizens

Special Considerations for Citizens of Bahamas, Bermuda and Canada

All the steps mentioned for obtaining F-1 and J-1 status apply to you, except for needing a visa to enter the U.S. Therefore, you are NOT REQUIRED to go to a U.S. consulate and may skip this step. Simply receiving the I-20 (for F1 and F2) or DS-2019 form (for J1 and J2), paying the SEVIS I-901 fee and having a valid passport is sufficient for you.  Make sure that your I-20 or DS-2019 get stamped at the border by the immigration officer.

NOTE TO CANADIANS: Since it is easier for Canadians to enter into the US (whether as student or visitor), it is extremely important to keep in mind that if your intention is to study in the US as a Canadian, you are required to have an I-20 document as any other international student. If we are notified that you are attending Andrews University without and I-20, you will be required to obtain one and then to return to the border to re-enter as a student. Furthermore, if you have earned credits for coursework completed without an I-20, your credits will be disregarded and you will be required to earn them again. So, please do not place yourself in such a situation and please converse with our office should you have questions regarding any of this information.


At the Port of Entry

An international airport in the U.S. is the port of entry to most international students (except students from Canada). Before you pick up your luggage, an immigration officer will check your documents (passport, i-20 OR DS-2019). The I-94 form is no longer given to you in paper form. Your arrival information is now recorded by the Customs and Border patrol officer at the port of your arrival. You have access to this information online at: You are required to print a copy of this "I-94 admission record" to be presented to our office along with your DS 2019 and passport/s. After examining your documents the officer will stamp all your documents including your DS-2019 and your passport. The Officer must return all these documents to you because they are your personal property and should be kept safely by you at all times. [Back to top]

Arriving at Andrews

After your arrival at Andrews University, please come to the International Student Services Office in the Campus Center. We must make copies of your immigration documents (and family members, if applicable). If you have made prior arrangement for accomodation, please contact that individual or department to inform them of your approximate time of arrival and ask for where you should go to receive your keys for your place of accomodation.

You are strongly encouraged to attend an International Student Orientation that introduces you to important immigration rules and regulations, as well as to the different services that Andrews University offers. Subsequently, we will be able to report to SEVIS (the government system) that you have arrived and are in legal status. [Back to top]

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