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Residence Hall - Troubleshooting

The Andrews University residence halls are Lamson Hall, Meier Hall and Burman Hall.  Each of these residence halls has two wired Ethernet ports per room. Wireless Ethernet is available only in the lobby areas and not in the residence hall rooms.

Wired Ethernet Connections

In each residence hall room there are two (2) Ethernet RJ45 jacks. This provides one (1) Ethernet connection to each resident. Your computer network interface needs to be set up DHCP (Automatic Assignment of IP Address). If your computer is configured with a manual IP address it will not work.

In addition, you will be required to register your machine ( before being allowed access to the Internet.

When I open a web browser I get a page displayed that my computer is in Quarantine (Q-Zone). What is this?

Your computer has been prevented from accessing the Internet because of a virus, spyware, or otherwise inappropriate computer behavior emanating from your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to release your computer from Q-Zone.  Generally this requires removing the virus or spyware, or stopping the inappropriate behavior.

I have no Internet access and don't get a Q-Zone page when I open a browser. What happened?

Most likely your port has been blocked because it has caused issues on the network that have interfered with another user's ability to use the network.  You must call 269-471-6016, use the Technical Support option and speak to a technician so they may first inform you as to the reason your port was blocked. You will then need to correct the problem and afterwards the technician may unblock the port.

I am not in Q-Zone and my port isn't blocked, but I still can't connect? 

You will need to bring your computer to the service counter located inside the ITS Computer Store and have a technician check your system. The technician will attempt to connect your computer to the network. Be aware that if your system has viruses, spyware or a corrupt operating system, the technician will not be able to resolve these issues. The technician is only capable of connecting your computer to the Internet and is not able to effect hardware or software remedies.

Wireless Ethernet Connections

If you are receiving wireless Ethernet in your room, it is either from a student access point (legally you need permission from the owner to connect) or from a campus access point serving the residence hall lobby. Some rooms close to the lobby may have intermittent access, but this configuration is not supported by ITS. There is no official support for wireless in any residence hall rooms at this time.

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