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Connecting with the LRE modem

Troubleshooting for the LRE Modem

Verify that your LRE is properly installed

Check that there is a phone cable going directly from your wall to the WALL port of the LRE. No phone line splitter or any other device.

Check that you have an Ethernet cable going between your computer and the ETH port of the LRE. Ethernet cables are a common source of problems. Change the cable if you are not positive that the cable is fully functional.

Check what lights (Ready, Power, ETH) are lit on your modem

All Lights ON. Your LRE is communicating with the campus server and your computer.  Make sure to register your computer. Open a web browser and go to If you can't access the netreg page or Internet, most likely you have a firewall enabled on your computer or a potential software configuration issue with your computer.

Power and Ready lights on, but no ETH light. Your LRE is communicating with the campus server, but does not have a connection to your computer. Check the cable between the modem and your computer. This cable needs to go directly between your LRE modem and your computer (NO wireless access point). If your cable is good and you are directly connected and still cannot get an ETH light you may have a faulty Ethernet adapter in your computer. You should have a trained computer technician check your system. This service is not available through the ITS Computer Store.

Power, but no Ready light. Your LRE modem is not communicating with the campus server. Check the cable between the wall jack and your LRE modem. Make sure there is nothing else in between. If you still cannot get a Ready light, then bring your LRE to the service counter located inside the ITS Store to have the unit checked.

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