Welcome to the Fourth Annual Andrews University Celebration of Research. Niels-Erik Andreasen, President of Andrews University, recently wrote the following:

The University is composed of inquisitive spirits and investigative minds. Therefore, a distinguishing attribute of Andrews University is the infusion of research and creative scholarship into its academic fabric. Research and creative scholarship permeate our academic life, inform our teaching and strengthen our emphasis on generous service. Research is always a collaborative endeavor. Faculty members participate in interdisciplinary collaborations, and students are mentored by their teachers in the intricacies of conducting research.1

The Celebration of Research is a campus-wide event that showcases the culture of research and creative scholarship at Andrews.  This year, Graduate Students join the Andrews University Faculty in presenting their research at this Celebration. We are excited about this opportunity to highlight the great work our Graduate Students are doing in collaboration with our Faculty. Undergraduate students also are very active in research at Andrews. Their work is presented at the annual Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholarship Symposium, which will be held this year on March 8, 2013.

The evening Plenary Presentations are given by the 2012 winners of the Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award.  The Award was established in 2011 to honor Siegfried H. Horn’s legacy of scholarship and contribution to the field of biblical archaeology at Andrews University and his impact upon the world church and the wider community of scholars.  Siegfried H. Horn was the premier biblical archaeology professor, with many of the projects begun under his leadership still continuing to produce fruitful results today.

The Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award recognizes lifetime achievement in research and creative scholarship for faculty members of Andrews University, and is given annually to one individual in each of four areas.  This evening’s plenary presentations are given by Duane McBride (Sciences and Mathematics), Curtis VanderWaal (Professions) and Steven Hansen (Arts and Humanities).  The Religion and Theology award winner, Jiri Moskala, unfortunately is unable to be with us this evening.
Thank you for joining us for this celebration of research,

Gary W. Burdick
Associate Dean for Research


1Research and Creative Scholarship at Andrews University, Volume 2 (Summer 2011), p. 2. View brochure here.

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