Oral Presentation Schedule

Session A: Nurture and Retention Symposium BH108

3:00 pm A-1 Alina M. Baltazar, Curtis VanderWaal, Kathryn Conopio
Perceptions of Health Behaviors by Seventh-day Adventist Undergraduate Students: Do parents and religion matter?

3:15 pm A-2 Karl G. D. Bailey
Internalization of Distinctive Religious Practices is Associated with Increased Well-Being

3:30 pm A-3 Duane McBride, Wendy Thompson, David Sedlacek, & Rene Drumm
Correlates of Perceived Emotional/Verbal and Spiritual Abuse of Adult Children of Pastors

3:45 pm A-4 Katelyn Ruiz
Welcoming Nonverbal Behavior: A Case Study of Group Communication and Visitor Impressions


Session B: Theology and History of Religion BH149

3:00 pm B-1 Paul B. Petersen
Trinitarian Development in the Early Danish Adventist Church

3:15 pm B-2 Kelvin Onongha
Lessons and Legacies of the Role of Scripture in Scottish Missions to Contemporary Missionary Praxis

3:30 pm B-3 Davide Sciarabba
A Lesson of Unity from Catholicism: The Experience of Maurice Blondel and Alfred Loisy during the Challenge of Modernism

3:45 pm B-4 Adriani Milli Rodrigues
The role of Christian Doctrine in contemporary Theological Interpretation of Scripture: a brief analysis


Session C: Biblical Studies BH150

3:00 pm C-1 A. Rahel Schafer
Sentient or Silent? The Personification of Stones and Wood in Habakkuk 2

3:15 pm C-2 Arlyn S. Drew
Justifying the God of the Akedah: Interpretation as Theodicy

3:30 pm C-3 Ronald Rojas
The Deliverance of “I” in Rom 7:24-25

3:45 pm C-4 Erick Mendieta
Representative Headship in Genesis 1-3


Session D: Literature and the Humanities BH208

3:00 pm D-1 L. Monique Pittman
Shakespeare and the Cultural Olympiad: Contesting Gender and the British Nation in the BBC’s Hollow Crown

3:15 pm D-2 Vanessa Corredera
Physiognomy, Art, and Artifice in The Rape of Lucrece and The Devil’s Law-Case

3:30 pm D-3 Ante Jeroncic
The Moral Realism of Iris Murdoch

3:45 pm D-4 Sonia Badenas
Short Stories in the French Classroom: An additional way to seek knowledge, affirm faith and change the world?


Session E: Chemistry and Engineering BH227

3:00 pm E-1 Boon Chai Ng
Evaluation of the Electrical Resistance and Capacitance of a Di-Electric Electro-Active Polymer

3:15 pm E-2 Ryan T. Hayes, Tyler Pender, J.C. Lynch, Zach Reichert, Andrew Stewart
Isolation and Structure Determination of Carcinogenic Arginine-Based Heterocyclic Amines

3:30 pm E-3 Desmond Murray
The Products of Research


Session F: Culture and Society BH250

3:00 pm F-1 Marcella Myers
European Integration and Corporate Interests: winners and losers

3:15 pm F-2 Janet Blackwood
Choice and Motivation in Indigenous Language Revitalization

3:30 pm F-3 Joel Raveloharimisy, Erenly Agosto
Accidental Path Dependency in the Evolution of Gender Equality in Madagascar

3:45 pm F-4 Ellen Rodrigues
My Cross-Cultural Journey: An Autobiographical Analysis of the Challenges and Negotiations in Entering the World of Unfamiliarity


Session G: Biology, Mathematics, and Art BH251

3:00 pm G-1 James L. Hayward, Shandelle M. Henson, and Lynelle M. Weldon
Hot and Bothered I: Climate Change, Cannibalism, and Ovulation Synchrony

3:15 pm G-2 Shandelle M. Henson, James L. Hayward
Hot and Bothered II: Climate Change, Cannibalism, and Ovulation Synchrony

3:30 pm G-3 Lynelle M. Weldon, James L. Hayward, and Shandelle M. Henson
Hot and Bothered III: Climate Change, Cannibalism, and Ovulation Synchrony

3:45 pm G-4 Steve Hansen
Vessels for the Kool-Aid Ceremony

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