Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters

The Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters (MASAL) is a regional professional association that fosters scholarly dialogue through annual conferences and a quarterly journal that includes papers and news about ongoing research at Michigan institutions. 

Membership is comprised of faculty and graduate students of Michigan member institutions. Other members include independent researchers, scholars from other states, and individuals involved in relevant research in the business and government sectors. MASAL membership is open to all.

MASAL's primary activities include the annual conference, which is typically held in March and hosted by a Michigan member institutions, and the publication of the Michigan Academician Journal.

The conference features over 30 sections in which researchers read and present their material. The abstracts of all papers presented at the conference are published annually in the Michigan Academician. 

Andrews University faculty and students have participated in several conferences and Andrews University will host the MASAL conference on Friday, March 13, 2015. 

View Andrews University 2015 Conference Website

Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Website

Photo: Biology student and faculty participants at the 2012 MASAL. Left to Right - Back Row: Shandelle Henson, James Hayward, Gordon Atkins, Libby Megna, Ashley Groeneweg, Lauren Martin. Front Row: Lauren Van Putten, Melissa McCormick, Kristin Chung, Cristy Creighton, and Esther Cha

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