Shame and Honor Conference Presenters

Shame and Honor Conference
September 19-22, 2013

Thursday, September 19   

7:00-8:30 Gabriela Profeta Phillips, MA
Keynote Address 

Friday, September 20    

8:00-9:15   Jiri Moskala, PhD
Reflections on the Concept of Shame and Honor in the Biblical
Creation and Fall Narratives

9:30-10:45    Richard Davidson, PhD
  Shame and Honor in the Beginning: A Study of Genesis 4

11:00-12:15    Kelvin Onongha, DMin
   Communicating the Gospel in Shame and Honor Contexts:
An African Application

2:00-3:00    Gorden Doss, PhD
          Mission in the Context of Shame-Honor Cultures

3:00-4:00      Graeme Humble, FRAI
          Salvaging Hula Honor: Using Redemptive Analogies to Communicate
the Gospel in a “Wiped Out” Culture
4:00-5:00    Larry Lichtenwalter, PhD
The Moral Vision of Honor and Shame in Biblical Perspective:
Worldview, Identity, Character

7:00-8:15  Ministry Reports from Shame & Honor Contexts 

Sabbath, September 21

9:00-10:15    Greg Whitsett, MDiv
                             Living in Favor with God and Man: Developing Honorable Christian
Communities in Buddhist Cultures

10:30-12:00   Gabriela Profeta Phillips, MA
Exploring Core Worldview Themes for Muslim Women:
How the Gospel Communicates Good News to a Defiled World in Search of Purity

2:00-3:15    Gideon P. Petersen, PhD
                 Presenting Biblical Themes in a Nomadic Shame-Honor Context

3:30-4:45    Teresa Reeve, PhD
       Lessons from Jesus’ Interaction with the Pharisees:
Luke-Acts Portrayal of Honor-Shame Issues in the Context of Luke 11:27-54

5:00-6:15    Cristian Dumitrescu, PhD
        The Gospel of Shame and Honor: Atonement Through Asian Eyes

7:30-8:00    Vespers

8:00-9:00    International Fellowship of Adventist Mission Studies—Business Meeting  

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