Consumption of Certain Foods

Photo: Participants of the Teen Study; Photo Credit: Sarah Lee

Funding Agency: White Wave Food

Title: Is consumption of certain foods associated with puberty and health of teens? A cross sectional study (Teen FADStudy)

Beginning Date: 2012

Principle Investigator: Joan Sabate

Co-investigator: Peter Pribis (Public Health & Wellness) 



The Teen Foods and Development Study (Teen FADS) aims to determine what nutrients, foods, and food groups are associated with the onset of puberty, pubertal development, and selected health parameters (body mass index, waist and hip circumferences, % body fat, and fat-free mass) of adolescents.


Website Development for Data Collection

A secure web site has been developed for information dissemination and data collection. This will facilitate not only self-administration of the questionnaires after school hours but also allow assistance of parents/guardians in recalling past consumption and reporting of pubertal development. Since the study will entail internet access, consenting participants will be provided a link to the website during the enrolment.  Once informed consent is received and confirmed from the parent/guardian, the parent/guardian and participating teen will be issued a login ID and password.

Tools for Data Collection

Participants will self-administer online (1) a food frequency questionnaire to current and past (at ages 8-10 years) dietary consumption, and (2) a pubertal development questionnaire to report timing/onset of puberty (menarche for girls) and pubertal development markers (i.e., current stage of breast development for girls; voice break and ejaculation for boys; skin changes, pubic hair for both).  The web pages containing the tools will be password protected and accessible only to those who have completed an informed consent form that has been validated by study personnel.


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