15 Major Abstract Paintings

Gregory Constantine (Art & Design)

The Creation of 15 Major Abstract Paintings and Their Subsequent Exhibition

A. I plan to create 15 large non-objective abstract paintings on canvas after having explored several design and concept options through 30 preliminary sketches on paper. These works will have no recognizable naturalistic subject matter to begin with, but I welcome any subliminal themes that emerge and will pursue them on the canvas. This objective is an extension of the studio work I have been accomplishing over the past two years.

B. I shall attempt to find appropriate national and regional venues for exhibiting all or a portion of these paintings. Depending on the magnitude of the venue, this may be commensurate with the publication of a major peer reviewed book.  

My efforts in creating artworks in my studio and exhibiting them in galleries and museums provide two principle benefits to students;
    a.) My regular disciplined time spent in studio is a model for their attitude toward studio activity.
    b.) Exhibiting my work in world-class venues provides inspiration for them to make their efforts to pursue an exhibition career.

There is the obvious need to purchase the necessary materials in order to create and frame the actual artworks. In addition, the majority of the grant funds will be used to ship/transport them to galleries in New York, Chicago and Europe as well as travel to conduct critical face-to-face negotiations, presenting exhibition proposals to museum curators and gallery owners. This is pivotal in advancing my professional reputation.

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