Patrice Jones (Communication)

Amargi: A Muted Muslim Turkish Women’s Group and Media Accommodation

Muted group theory (Ardener, S, & Ardener, E. 1975; Kramarae, C., 1981) and radical change theory (Dresang, E. & Koh, K., 2009) are two theories used by this project.  Muted groups confront obstacles, within their dominant cultures. Structures, of Co-cultural engagement and competition, lead to muted groups, such as women, being left out of the public dialogue. Increased usage, accessibility and ubiquity of New Media Technologies (NMT), grants muted groups access to the public dialogue. Implementing the theories of Muted Group Theory (MGT) and Radical Change Theory (RCT), on a muted group of Turkish Muslim women, is the goal of this project.  Goals to: 1) develop a publishable case study, on muted Turkish, Muslim women’s group, Amirgi, utilizing the methods of Mark P. Orbe (1998), 2) to create a 15 minute video, on the history and goals of Amirgi.  Objective 1, is undertaken by Patrice Jones (Communication) and Objective 2 is a collaboration between Patrice Jones (Communication) and Joyce Taylor (AU Communication graduate, 2009, University of Copenhagen). Methodologies employed are ethnographic, with some phenomenological methodologies employed.  Primary data collection consists of ethnographic interviews, surveys and phenomenological media journal, for all Amirgi participants, along with a qualitative analysis of the data and literature.  The final outcomes are: 1) production and distribution of a video, to be used as an advocacy tool for the muted group Amirgi & 2) a peer reviewed publication and distribution of an Amirgi case study both delivered within one calendar year.

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