Illustrated Book of Little Traditions

Kristen Witzel (Communication), David Sherwin (Photography)

Illustrated Book of Little Traditions in Hesban Jordan

The three objectives of the proposed project are 1) to produce and publish a book of photographs, drawings, ethnography and historical background illustrating how "little traditions" (Redfield, LaBianca) contributed to the resiliency of the Bedouin of Central Jordan during the Ottoman Empire; 2) to develop a publishable case study on the communication theory Coordinated Management of Meaning, developed by W. Barnett Pearce and Vernon E. Cronen; and 3) to produce a photography exhibition of the Bedouin tribes of Jordan. Objective 1 will be a collaborative and cross-departmental endeavor involving Kristen Witzel (Communication), who will conduct ethnography, David Sherwin (Photography) who will take photographs, Brian Manley (Art), who will illustrate, and Øystein LaBianca (Behavioral Sciences), who will contribute to the research and text. Only Kristen Witzel and David Sherwin are applying for funding in this proposal. Objectives 2 and 3 will be delivered by Witzel and Sherwin respectively. The methodology of the projects will include an analysis of existing data and literature, primary data collection through ethnography, photography, and drawings conducted in Jordan, analysis of data using qualitative methods, and finally, assessment and dissemination of data through peer review and submission for publication and exhibitions. This project builds on the long-standing relationship between Andrews University and the Village of Hisban in Jordan. It offers three outputs (a book, an article, and an exhibition) that are deliverable in one calendar year. These will play an important role in tying together previous research, providing feedback to the village of Hisban, and promoting future endeavors.








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