2011-2012 New Faculty Research Grants
  • Gordon Atkins (Biology), Testing a model for recognition in the auditory system of the cricket, Abstract
  • Karl Bailey (Behavioral Sciences), Attentional Restoration and Depletion in the College Environment, Abstract
  • Erich Baumgartner (Leadership), Stan Patterson (Church Ministry), Global Leadership Development Needs in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Abstract
  • Larry Burton (Teaching and Learning), John Stout (Biology), Improving Student Success for Physiology and Neurobiology Students at the University of Connecticut, Abstract
  • Gregory Constantine (Art & Design), The Creation of 15 Major Abstract Paintings and Their Subsequent Exhibition, Abstract
  • Lilianne Doukhan (Music), Worship: A Theological and Cultural Perspective. Peer-reviewed publication of a collection of articles, Abstract
  • Stefanie Elkins (Art & Design), Archaeological Artifact Illustration/Documentation Project, Abstract
  • Ryan Hayes (Chemistry), Marlene Murray-Nseula (Biology), Desmond Murray (Chemistry), Genomic Stilbenes as Molecular Probes for Nucleic Acids, Abstract
  • Patrice Jones (Communication), Amargi: A Muted Muslim Turkish Women’s Group and Media Accommodation, Abstract
  • Jimmy Kijai (Educational & Counseling Psychology), Perceptions and attitudes of church workers and lay members on Adventist education in the Seventh-day Adventist Mission of Sabah, Malaysia, Abstract
  • Julia Eun-Young Kim (English), What Native English-Speaking Writing Tutors Attend to in ESL Writing: Case Studies, Abstract
  • Hyun Kwon (Engineering and Computer Science), Fabrication of FET based biosensor for characterization for DNA hybridization, Abstract
  • Oystein LaBianca (Behavioral Sciences), Collaborative Research on Six Deep-time Global Processes in the Ancient Near East, Abstract
  • Duane McBride (Behavioral Sciences), Gary Hopkins (Behavioral Sciences), No Risk with Being Involved, Abstract
  • Jeannie Montagano (Educational & Counseling Psychology), Rudolph Bailey (Educational & Counseling Psychology), Differentiating mathematics anxiety and test anxiety in a diverse population, Abstract
  • Marlene Murray-Nseula (Biology), The Effect(s) of Decosahexaenoic Acid on Intracellular Inositol Levels in the yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Abstract
  • David Randall (Chemistry), Spectroscopic Studies Towards Understanding Metal-ion Containing Enzymes, Abstract
  • Rhonda Root (Architecture, Art & Design, Digital Media & Photography), Artist working with the Killykeen Forest Park Research Station, Abstract
  • John Stout (Biology), Social environment and hormonal control: Their effects on the roles auditory neurons play in regulating phonotactic behavior by female crickets, Abstract
  • Jacquelyn Warwick (Marketing), Consumer Behavior in Social Mediums: A Study of the Impact of Social Networking Sites and Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games on College Students’ Academic and Social Lives, Abstract
  • Randall Younker (Archaeology), Biblical Archaeology at the Louvre, Abstract
2011-2012 Faculty Research Grant Renewals
  • Gary Burdick (Physics), Lanthanide Spectroscopy: Theory, calculation and measurement of optical properties of rare earth elements doped into transparent crystals, Abstract
  • Bill Chobotar (Biology), Desmond Murray (Chemistry), Karen Reiner (Medical Laboratory Science), Synthesis and Biological Activity of Boronic Stilbenes, Abstract
  • Steven Hansen (Art & Design), Significant Other: An Exploration of Western Art History Through the Paintings and Drawings Created by Artists of their Families and Lovers, Abstract
  • James Hayward (Biology), Shandelle Henson (Mathematics), Using mathematical models to predict haulout patterns of marine iguanas, Abstract
  • Kenneth Logan (Music), Creation of Musical Anthology with Working Title Exploring Organ Repertoire; Documentation of William Huber, Jr. Collection and History, Abstract
  • Brian Manley (Art & Design), Re-visiting Orientalism: cross-cultural bridge building in the 21st century, Abstract
  • David Nowack (Chemistry), Sialic acid glycosylation alterations associated with pancreatic cancer Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT), Abstract
  • Sharon Prest (Digital Media & Photography), Visual Anthropology of the Madaba Acropolis Project and peoples of Jordan, Abstract
  • Terry Robertson (Library), Proving All Things: Information Literacy in Theological Education, Abstract
  • Kristen Witzel (Communication), David Sherwin (Photography), Illustrated Book of Little Traditions in Hesban Jordan, Abstract
  • Robert Zdor (Biology), Testing Survival of Weed Deleterious Rhizobacteria in Granular Formulations, Abstract
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