Killykeen Forest Park

Rhonda Root (Architecture, Art & Design, Digital Media & Photography)

Artist working with the Killykeen Forest Park Research Station

Killykeen Forest Park Research Station is a new and unique opportunity. I have worked on excavations in the Near East (Jordan) since 1992. This is exciting because it is at the very beginning of a new project. My involvement would bring my 19 years of excavation experience to this project, by using my skills of drawing and painting to help record and illustration the process and excavation results. During this first season my involvement would be to help launch the project. My drawings and paintings can help envision what is yet to come. This can be done thorough my experience in creating drawings and paintings that illustrate what was, in the region. What the landscape looked like in various previous periods of time, what settlements might have looked like by using my skills of visual restoration of any building or structures that are still present. While I am in Ireland I would record through sketching various sites and features that are visible. My skills will be directly connected with the archaeological/historical heritage section of the project. This information would be processed back on campus in my studio, preparing drawings and illustrations which would be used in publications that will help record the initial state of the project and promote the development of the project.

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