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Worship: A Theological and Cultural Perspective. Peer-reviewed publication of a collection of articles

The aim of this project is to produce a publication that provides a reflection on theological and cultural perspectives on worship, in order to create a broad foundation for the various worship applications (activities). Churches are struggling with various issues in worship that grow out of continuous change and fluctuation in cultural expression, as well as clashes between conservative and progressive worship styles. The thesis at the basis of this project is that such tensions can be alleviated (a) by providing a theological basis that will inform the various worship actions, and (b) by contributing to a better understanding of the cultural realities of worship.

A first section introduces the reader to five theological perspectives of worship. Two lead studies on “Creation and Worship” and “Worship and Eschatology” frame further contributions on Old Testament and New Testament approaches to worship, as well as a study that approaches worship from the angle of systematic theology. A transitional chapter dealing with the spirit in which to approach worship, leads into the second section devoted to cultural perspectives. These contributions investigate topics such as the role of culture in worship, a case study on African-American worship, postmodern worship, the role of the Word in worship, as well as a reflection on fundamental criteria to apply to a diversity of cultural expressions in worship.
The publication addresses theologians, pastors, and theology students, as well as individuals implicated in the shaping and conduct of worship.

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