Boronic Stilbenes

Desmond Murray (Chemistry) and Karen Reiner (Medical Laboratory Science)

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Boronic Stilbenes

The purpose of this proposed collaborative, interdisciplinary (chemistry, molecular biology and spectroscopy) research project is systematic development of novel aminopyrimidine stilbenes (APS) as potential molecular probes/sensors for nucleic acid detection. This proposal is specifically based on: (a) the recent successful synthesis of aminopyrimidine ‘genomic’ stilbenes in the laboratory of Dr. Desmond Murray, (b) Dr. Marlene Murray-Nseula’s molecular biology expertise, research and experience in nucleic acid isolation, hybridization, and detection and (c) Dr. Ryan Hayes training and expertise in synthesis and bioanalytical methods and instrumentation, such as, fluorescence spectroscopy.

Furthermore, a perusal of the relevant literature indicates an increasing interest and need for reliable methods of detecting DNA as an important diagnostic tool with important scientific and economic implications for biomedical, human and life sciences and allied fields. So our proposed field of investigation lies on the cutting edge of current research; provides an opportunity for pedagogical instruction and offers research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Our unprecedented one-step synthesis of genomic stilbenes facilitates rapid access to a diversity of molecular probe structures; development of multimodal molecular probes; and accompanying molecular biology and bioanalytical studies.

Specifically, this proposal seeks phase one funding for research supplies, materials and support for two or more Honors undergraduates, including summer stipends.


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