2012-2013 New Faculty Research Grants


  • Lisa Ahlberg (Chemistry), Synthesis and Investigation of Isoxazoline Scaffolds as Selective Antibacterial Agents, Abstract
  • Gordon Atkins (Biology), Tiscornia Migration Count, a survey of migrant waterbirds along the southeast shoreline of Lake Michigan, Abstract
  • Stanley Beikmann (Agriculture), Historical socio-economic and xeriscape plants at Tall Hisban, Jordan, Abstract
  • Larry Burton (Teaching Learning Curriculum), Denominational Persistence and Denominational Exit Among Adventist University Alumni, Abstract
  • Grace Chi (Nursing), Music Relaxation Video and Biophysical Measurements: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Abstract
  • Greg Constantine (Art), Creation and Exhibiting “Poetic Licenses”, Abstract
  • Constance Gane (Old Testament), Cultural Backgrounds to the Biblical Book of Esther, Abstract
  • Thomas Goodwin (Biology), Dietary and seasonal signals in stable isotopes of incisor enamel from freeranging, thirteen-lined ground squirrels, Abstract
  • Martin Hanna and John Baldwin (Theology), The Monument/Chinle Valleys Project: The Usefulness of Lemniscate Landforms as a Signature of Catastrophic Processes, Abstract
  • Steven Hansen (Art), Creation of New Ceramic Sculptures for Juried Exhibitions and Competitions, Abstract
  • James Hayward (Biology) and Shandelle Henson (Mathematics), Paleoecological Reconstruction of Protection Island, Washington, Abstract
  • Joon Hyuk Kang (Mathematics), Coexistence of species of animals residing in the same environment, Abstract
  • Katherine Koudele (Agriculture), Zooarchaeological study of the faunal remains from Tall Jalul, Jordan, Abstract
  • Pam Litvak (Biology),Using a New Animal Model of Psychological Stress to Test the Effects of Control vs. Predictability on Brain Structure and Function, Abstract
  • Kenneth Logan (Music), Creation of Musical Anthology with Working Title Exploring Organ Repertoire; Documentation of William Huber, Jr. Collection at the Library of Congress and Its Donor, Abstract
  • Peter Lyons (Biology), The role of carboxypeptidase O in cell adhesion and migration, Abstract
  • Jeannie Montagano and Rudi Bailey (Educational &Counseling Psychology), Differentiating mathematics anxiety and test anxiety in a Trinidad sample, Abstract
  • Diane Myers (Digital Media), Enter juried competitions for graphic design art work, Abstract
  • Boon-Chai Ng (Engineering), Evaluating the Mechanical Properties of Dielectric Electro Active Polymer (DEAP), Abstract
  • Joel Raveloharimisy (Behavioral Science), Becoming Formal or Informal Entrepreneurs: How Institutions Matter, Abstract
  • David Sedlacek (Discipleship & Religious Education), Duane McBride (Behavioral Science), and Wendy Thompson (Social Work), Seminary Training, Role Demands, Family Stressors and Strategies for Alleviation of Stressors in Pastors' Families, Abstract
  • John Stout (Biology), Social environment and hormonal control: Their effects on the roles auditory neurons play in regulating phonotactic behavior by female crickets, Abstract
  • Felipe Tan (Library), Evaluation of the Library Collection of Andrews Academy and its use by Faculty and Students, Abstract
  • Marc Ullom (Art), Evidence-A Body of Original Fine Art Images, Abstract
  • Curtis VanderWaal (Social Work) and Alina Baltazar (Behavioral Science), Qualitative assessment of faith-based college students' perceptions of motivations for health behaviors, Abstract
  • Curtis VanderWaal (Social Work) and Duane McBride (Behavioral Science), Development of a Federal R15 Grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to examine the role of Latino churches in providing referrals, support, and access to quality substance abuse treatment, Abstract
  • Robert Zdor (Biology), Improving Rhizobacterial Desiccation Tolerance with Hydroxyectoine & Bacterial Polysaccharide, Abstract
2012-2013 Faculty Research Grant Renewals
  • Gordon Atkins (Biology), Testing a model for recognition in the auditory system of the cricket, Abstract
  • Karl Bailey (Behavioral Sciences), Attentional Restoration and Depletion in the College Environment, Abstract
  • Gary Burdick (Physics), Lanthanide Spectroscopy: Theory, calculation and measurement of optical properties of rare earth elements doped into transparent crystals, Abstract
  • Ryan Hayes (Chemistry), Marlene Murray (Biology), and Desmond Murray (Chemistry), Genomic Stilbenes as Molecular Probes for Nucleic Acids, Abstract
  • Hyun Kwon (Engineering), FET based biosensor for characterization for DNA hybridization, Abstract
  • Desmond Murray (Chemistry) and Karen Reiner (Medical Laboratory Science), Synthesis and Biological Activity of Boronic Stilbenes, Abstract
  • David Nowack (Chemistry), Sialic acid glycosylation alterations associated with pancreatic cancer Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT), Abstract
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