Library Collection

Felipe Tan (Library)

Evaluation of the Library Collection of Andrews Academy and its use by Faculty and Students

The evaluation of the library collection will focus on three aspects: (1) quantitative (size of  collection, type of materials, growth statistics, etc.) (2) qualitative (survey questionnaires) and (3) usage and perception by faculty and students of the collection (library statistics, survey questionnaires). This study will also include historical research on Andrews Academy library based on available documents as well as interviews with previous librarians and administrators.  The questions this research project will attempt to answer are as follow:  How adequate is the library collection in meeting the academic needs of the faculty and students?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the library collection when it comes to supporting the mission statement of Andrews Academy?  What are the opportunities and threats facing the library?  This study will include recommendations that will lead to stronger library support for Andrews Academy. The role the library played in Andrews Academy in the past, and the current situation of the library with its challenges will help the academy administration in formulating a long-term strategic plan for the library.  

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