Music Relaxation Video

Grace Chi (Nursing)

Music Relaxation Video and Biophysical Measurements: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Stress is a concern of college students as they are encountered with a variety of academic, financial, and social pressures. Psychosocial stress is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease, which is partially related to stress-induced endothelial dysfunction. “Endothelial dysfunction” has been associated not only with hypertension or atherosclerosis, but also with physiological and pathophysiological processes including aging, smoking and stress. It was found that music might stimulate the β-endorphin to activate endothelium-derived nitric oxide in vessel dilation. Music might induce positive emotions and beneficially influence vascular health. Music and art may induce relaxation and provoke positive emotions that affect the endothelium. Increasing the awareness of the impacts of stress-induced anxiety on endothelium related to the risk of cardiovascular diseases may make a difference in the lives of college students.

A randomized controlled trial will be used to place 140 participants in two groups. Endothelial function will be measured by flow mediated dilation. Blood pressure, pulses and respirations will be measured using a monitor. The State Trait Anxiety Inventory will be used to measure anxiety.The Music Relation Video (MRV) was previously selected by a certified music therapist.

The expected results are that the college students aged 18 and older who participate in viewing a 30-minute MRV will have better endothelial function scores, lower Blood Pressure, Pulses, Respirations and lower anxiety scores than students who do not view MRV. The finding will improve health among college students and add new information to the existing knowledge. 

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