Cavan Burren

Rhonda Root (Visual Art & Design)

“Artist working with the Cavan Burren Research Project”

The project has become more focused to one project for the present so the revised title now is: “Artist working with the Cavan Burren Research Project”.

From March 17 – 24, 2012 as the Principal Investigator, of the group of Andrews’ art professors, I visited the site in Ireland, contacting several of the Irish scientists and hosts of the research project. We talked about and started the arrangements for bringing additional faculty researchers and students who would become part of the research project. Artists have been involved in archaeological projects in the Middle East for decades (I have been working as a staff artist and going to Jordan on digs since 1992.) This is what we are showing the scientists in Ireland, that artists and architects can be an asset in the research process.

The Biostation, and the scientists we will be working with, are funded by Irish grants and the Government of Ireland. We are asking for funding to pay our expenses for traveling, food and lodging during our stay. This is typical for archaeological research projects, that specialists (such as our selves – who are not hired in country) find funding to have the opportunity to participate with a project we have an interest in, allowing us the opportunity to work along side scientists at their research site.
I also visited various locations that would be connected to the research site, and scouted out museums and areas of interest in Dublin for bring students on a possible tour in the future. The focus this year is to beginning in the Summer of 2013 with a small group of faculty and students, with larger groups in the summers that follow.

All of the images that are created as part of the research will be presented in published form by the scientists we are working with in Ireland, our contribution to the publications are the artwork illustrations and photographs. British Publications include: Kilkenny Archaeological Society, Archaeological Review from Cambridge, and the Journal of Ancient History. Then, personally, I plan to submit articles to various scholarly journals (American Journal of Archaeology, International Journal of Historical Archaeology, Archaeology (magazine), Oris (journal on Architecture and Art), Architectural Review, (London based) and Architecture Record (International Architecture), on how artists can contribute to these types of archaeological projects, using the illustrations and paintings as part of the article. I have had one of my articles published as a chapter in a book in the past. I will also seek opportunities for exhibition of the artwork and be involved in poster sessions at Conferences, such as the American Institute of Archaeology.

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