Educational Kinesiology Tutorial

David Village (Physical Therapy)

Development and validation of an educational kinesiology tutorial for entry-level DPT students

The purpose of this study is to determine the validity of a newly developed educational kinesiology tutorial for use by students enrolled in a kinesiology or biomechanics course.

The primary research question is:

Will this tutorial demonstrate significant validity when compared to APTA's Foundational Sciences Matrix, CAPTE (accreditation) guidelines, and objectives from PTH416 Pathokinesiology course syllabus as evidenced by critical review by a group of Kinesiology experts?

Secondary research questions are:
a) Does utilization of a kinesiology tutorial demonstrate significant differences when compared to use of tools that address different learning styles?
b) Does the kinesiology tutorial exhibit strong content validity as evidenced by APTA's Foundational Sciences Matrix, CAPTE guidelines, and objectives from Dr. David Village's PTH416 Pathokinesiology course syllabus?


An electronic-based kinesiology tutorial of this type is currently not available. Based on my personal experience teaching Kinesiology for 17 years, it is apparent that mastering this material is a challenging task for most, if not all my physical therapy students.  It is hoped that having such a tutorial available will enhance student learning.

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