Academic Library Use and Student Retention

Sarah Kimakwa and Silas Marques (Library)

Academic Library Use and Student Retention: A Correlational Study at Andrews University

The study examines the correlation between library use and university student enrollment and retention. Academic libraries are an integral part of the university. They contribute to the mission and vision of the parent institution in many ways. An important contribution is enrollment and retention of students. This is achieved through information literacy instruction, provision of space for study, project collaboration, research and socialization. The libraries also employ student workers, which not only provides a source of extra income, but also equips the student employees with lifelong work force skills for their future. Some of the student employees’ then pursue degrees in library science and become librarians. The study emphasizes the need for librarians to consider evidence-based decision making strategies in seeking university funding. The methodology for the study will include both quantitative and qualitative data collection. Data will be obtained from already existing academic records, surveys and focus groups discussions. The results will inform librarians on demand driven strategies for resource and service provision, planning and marketing tools. The sample will be taken from Andrews University where the researchers are employed as the marketing, off-campus services and reference librarian. Results from the study will be disseminated through journals and conferences. 

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