Fernando Canale

Religion & Theology

Fernando Canale, emeritus professor of theology and philosophy, joined the Department of Theology & Christian Philosophy at the Seminary in 1985.

Considered by many colleagues as a pioneer Adventist philosopher, Fernando has dedicated his academic career to explaining how good biblical and philosophical principles are crucial to support Adventist doctrines and beliefs.

Before coming to Andrews, Canale worked as an instructor and then professor at River Plate Adventist College in Argentina, as well as a pastor for the Uruguay and Central Argentine Conferences.

He has published six scholarly books—three of which have been translated into other languages—and authored 49 scholarly articles in journals including Andrews University Seminary Studies, Evangelical Quarterly and the Journal of the Adventist Theological Society. Fernando is a member of the Adventist Theological Society, Evangelical Theological Society and American Academy of Religion.

With other colleagues he has recently established the Sola Scriptura Research Group with a task to assist the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the development of a methodology for its theological work. Fernando’s desire and dream is to provide the church with a desperately needed and useful tool for the study of theology.

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