Horn Archaeological Museum

Pamela Gaber, William Dever, and the Museum Curator, Connie Gane, at the opening of the new Gaber and Dever Bedouin Folklore Collection

The Siegfried H. Horn Museum is part of the Institute of Archaeology and houses over 8,500 ancient Near-Eastern artifacts, including coins, pottery, sculptures, tools, weapons, figurines, jewelry, seals, and glass vessels. The museum also sponsors a stellar lecture series and houses over 3,000 ancient cuneiform tablets from Sumerian through Neo-Babylonian times. For more information regarding Siegfried H. Horn, the namesake of the museum, see: http://www.andrews.edu/services/research/research_highlights/horn_award/

Jug from the Gaber and Dever Bedouin Folklore Collection


For more information about the Museum see http://www.andrews.edu/archaeology/museum/

For information about the Horn Lectureship Series see http://siegfriedhornmuseum.wordpress.com/



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