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The Office of Research and Creative Scholarship highlights selected ongoing faculty and student research in an annual publication, Research and Creative Scholarship at Andrews University. To view previous editions of Research at Andrews, please select the links below. 


2014 Research At Andrews

Read about the latest research and creative scholarship at Andrews, including the production of the St. Matthew Passion, cricket neuronal behavior, and Waldensian architecture and environmental design.

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2013 Research at Andrews

The complexity of European politics, the artistry of license plates, the roots of the first amendment, and the genes of zebrafish are just a few of the things being discussed in the 2013 Research Brochure.

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2012 Research at Andrews

Learn about marine iguanas on the Galápagos Islands and be impressed by the research projects of undergraduate students. Discover Adventism's first historian and learn why kids are afraid of math. All this and much more are included in the 2012 Research Brochure.

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2011 Research at Andrews

Can we detect gravitational waves? How can Jews and Christians discuss theology together? What do teapots and license plates have in common? The 2011 research Brochure holds the answers to these questions!

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2010 Research at Andrews

The 2010 Research and Creative Scholarship brochure covers everything from the egg-laying habits of seabirds to the new ways biblical research is being conducted.

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