2011 Honors Scholars

  • Tyler Bodi (History and Political Science), "Determining the outcome of legal grievances: an application of game theory to tort negotiations," View Thesis
  • Celena Cameron (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Dermal reduction of urushiols using an activated charcoal formulated dermal care patch," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Garret Catron & Jonathan Ford (Engineering and Computer Science), "Simultaneous digital demodulation and RDS extraction of FM radio signals," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Maurice Hardy (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Synthesis and testing of second generation azatilbenes," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Denny Hong (Music), "The important role and benefits of academic research in musical interpretation : an application to the performance study of Modest Musssorgsky's Pictures at an exhibition,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Shieun "Sharon" Jang (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "The synthesis and characterization of novel imino stilbenes,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Brianna Johnson (Behavioral Sciences), "An examination of parent-child relationships and teen substance use,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Laura Johnston (Management, Marketing, and Information Systems), "Consumer behavior in social mediums : a study of the impact of social networking sites and massively multiplayer online role-playing games on college students' academic and social lives," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Emily Knott (English), "Rice and beans : 5 months, 49 students, and innumerable Honduran cows,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Sandra Prieto (Engineering and Computer Science), "Non-labeled, real-time detection of H1N1 DNA hybridization using combined QCM-D system,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Ashley Raethel (Behavioral Sciences), "Is vegetarianism a diet? implicit associations of vegetarians and omnivores on a vegetarian campus," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jeannie Romulus (International Language Studies), "Cross-cultural competence and cross-cultural effectiveness : a perception analysis of student missionaries from Andrews University,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Chinyere Sampson (Behavioral Sciences), "The relationship between Sabbath activities and Seventh-day Adventist students' happiness," View Thesis
  • Alix Sandman (Social Work), "The gatekeepers : an evaluation of clergy knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions regarding mental health issues, collaboration, and referral to treatment,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Eric "Siggy" Scott (Engineering and Computer Science), "Transfer learning via modularity in a model of technological evolution," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Brent Sherwin (Biology), "The role of Cl(-) channel-inhibition in the brain on the phonotactic selectivity of female crickets," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Gabrielle Smith (Music), "Performance techniques for four avant-garde piano pieces by Henry Cowell," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Gaetan Tchamba (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Development of hybrid "multi-warhead" acylal pesticides," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Lisa Thompson (Biology), "The effects of valproate prodrugs on the inositol biosynthetic pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jiseung Yoon (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Aminopyrimidine stilbenes as potential fluorescent molecular probes for DNA,"  View Abstract and Thesis
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