2012 Honors Scholars

  • Melissa Breetzke (International Language Studies), "God is amor: biblical teachings for house and home, translated from Spanish to English," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Arielle Cady (Music), "Performance analysis of Beethoven's violin sonata op.23: freedom of interpretation in passages of formal anomaly,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Theron Calkins (English), ""Never two ladies lov'd as they do": queer theory and As you like it's Celia," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Daniel Colon-Hidalgo (Biology), "The effects of Omega-3 fatty acids on Saccharomyces cerevisiae inositol pathway mutants," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Carolyn Davis (English), "Spenser's Palmer: the perversion of right reason in The fairies queene, book II," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Steffie-Ann Dujon (Biology), "The effects of chloro linoleate acylal prodrugs on the inositol biosynthetic pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Robert Erich (School of Business Administration), "Stage Off, Inc.: an entrepreneurial venture," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Debbie-Ann Francis (Communication), "Semiotic analysis of Andrews University's official seal,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Joni Graves (Speech Pathology and Audiology), "A case review: the efficacy of the Differential Processing Training Program on auditory processing and language processing," View Abstract and Thesis
  • April Grube (History and Political Science), "A cultural and social history on the role of film and societal trends: a case study of the outlaw Jesse James," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Gina Kang (Biology), "The effects of a valproate fatty acid prodrug on the inositol biosynthetic pathway," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Isaac Kim (Biology), "hcnABC operon expression in and bacterial populations of Pseudomonas putida under varying iron concentrations in sand and soil," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Sunny Kim (Biology), "The role of protein kinase C in the supraesophageal ganglion of female Acheta domesticus," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jonathan B. Koch (English), "The tyrant and the rogue : political implications of redemption in William Shakespeare's The winter's tale," View Thesis
  • Aleksandra Kozlova-Harris (Biology), "Developing an intracellular neurobiology lab sequence for use in an interdisciplinary neurobiology course," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Arianna Lashley (Behavioral Sciences), "Self determination theory and self control: examining moderators of visual attention through the medium of religious coping?" View Abstract and Thesis
  • Sarah Lee (Behavioral Sciences), "Evaluation of Christian Record products and services for the visually impaired," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jarrod Lutz (English), "LOST in an ideological argument: the case for universalistic faith on television," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Lauren Martin (Biology), "The effect of 4-Aminopyridine on phonotactic selectivity in female crickets," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Carrie Mesiar (Animal Science), "An evaluation of electrical conductivity as a practical tool in mastitis detection at Andrews University dairy," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Shelli Meulemans (Nutrition and Wellness), "Exercise dependence and eating disorders among college students," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jason Miller (Behavioral Sciences, History and Political Science), "Religious & political attitudes towards women in power," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Elena Milosavljevic (Biology), "Developing a neurobiology lab activity to evaluate the flight motor pattern of the flying cricket," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Amy Nadane (Biology), "Effect of velvetleaf root exudates on indole-3-acetic acid production by Rhizobium rubi AT3-4RS/6,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Johanna Nielsen (Communication), "Inter-group communication during Hurricane Katrina: how organizational culture defeats coordination," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Naudline Pierre (Visual Art and Design), "No. 334: a visual exploration of race and identity," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jose Quezada (School of Architecture), "Sustainability in school architecture: learning from tradition and modernity," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Adam Shull (Engineering and Computer Science), "The design and creation of a portable water purification system," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Michael Swenson (Religion and Biblical Languages), "A search for clarification: contemporary views of the inspiration and authority of the Bible in Seventh-day Adventism," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Catherine Tetz (English, Music), ""A language without words": music as an agent of identity in Brian Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Lauren Van Putten (Biology), "Intraindividual variation in the calling songs of the cricket Gryllus pennsylvanicus," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Kelley Wolff (Accounting, Economics and Finance), "Auditing's ripple effect: divergence after Enron," View Abstract and Thesis
  • James Yoon (Biology), "Effects of nanoinjecting three inhibitory neurotransmitters into the prothoracic ganglion on the selectivity of phonotaxis in female crickets," View Abstract and Thesis
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