2013 Honors Scholars

  • Christian Bacchiocchi (English), "Mercutio and Romeo: an analysis of male friendship in the Renaissance," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Lacey Barroso (Behavioral Sciences), "Narrative and the maintenance of Great Lakes Native American cultural identity," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Laurel Beedle (English), "Revisiting the Oregon Trail in young adult fiction: researching, drafting, and revising Grandpa Jesse's peculiar request: an Oregon Trail adventure," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Camden Bowman (International Language Studies), "Immigration stories and the construction of a bilingual American identity," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jacob Andrew Brassington (Biology), "Spatial and seasonal signals in stable isotopes of incisor enamel from free-ranging, thirteen-lined ground squirrels," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Ranita Campbell (Biology), "Cyanide production by Pseudomonas putida ATH2-1RI/9 under biofilm conditions," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Esther Cha (Biology), "Protein kinase C inhibor blocks the effect of Juvenile Hormone III on the phonotactic selectivity of female crickets," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Amanda Corea (Behavioral Sciences), "Comparisons of cultural identities in relation to poverty,"  View Abstract and Thesis
  • Cristy Creighton (Biology), "Determination of the biosynthetic pathway used by Juvenile Hormone III in the phonotactic response of the female cricket Acheta domesticus," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Ariana Cunningham (Biology), "Hawksbill turtle Eretmochelys imbricata nesting environment and population etudy in Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge on the coast of Northern Honduras," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Ioana Danci (Biology), "Variation in the calling song of the cricket Gryllus pennsylvanicus across geographic longitudinal change," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Lindsay Dever (Behavioral Science), "Understanding expressive writing: its relationship to trauma, resilience, and parenting," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Donnel Dockery (Biology), "Localization of carboxypeptidase O in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Navina Dueck-Stefansson (Music), "Analysis of the Icelandic oral hymn tradition as seen in the twentieth-century enthnographic recordings of "Stridsmenn Krist" ("Christ bears his cross")," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Samantha Estrella-Boyland (Visual Art and Design), "A thousand paper cranes: constructing art into a platform for social consciousness," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Erica Evans (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Fluorescent copper sensing using dimethylaminocyanostilbene," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Sarah Gane (Behavioral Sciences), "National identity in Jordan: the effects of displacement on identity," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Isaiah Horton (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Synthesis of Imino Azachalcones as fluorescent chemosensors," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Taylor LaFave (History and Political Science), "The challenges facing critical access hospitals in Vermont with the implementation of universal healthcare," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Christine Lairson (English), "Female agency and the critique of social conduct through letters in Sense and Sensibility," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Steven Lee (Biology), "The effect of male exposure and juvenile hormone III on cricket phonotaxis (Gryllus bimaculatus)," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jerome Martin (Biology), "Effect of latrunculin B on phonotaxis in induced selective crickets teated with JHIII (Acheta domesticus)," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Ashley Meyer (English), "What women want: masculine images and gender construction in the Old Spice and Dos Equis ad campaigns," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Sarah Moi (Agriculture), "The correlation between equine personalities and the position of facial hair whorls," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Tyler Pender (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Synthesis, isolation, and identification of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines using arginine," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Sharmila Price (Biology), "The role of monoamines on the phonotaxis of female crickets Acheta domestica," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Kristy Quezada (Agriculture), "An evaluation of a probiotic supplement on dairy calf growth : birth - 60 days old," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Nicholas Reichert (English), "Villainous: the tragedy of Bosola in The duchess of Malfi," Thesis
  • Joshua Sanabria (Architecture, Art and Design), "Kinect architecture: the Microsoft Kinect camera and its use for architectural 3D modeling," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Samantha Snively (English), ""I account this world a tedious theatre": Foucauldian theatricality and female subversion in Webster's The Duchess of Malfi," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Lindsey Weigley (Visual Communication), "Meditations: a visual exploration of Christological pacifism," View Abstract and Thesis


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