2014 Honors Scholars

  • Jonathon Ahn (Biology), "The Effects of Celite Formulated Rhizobium rubi and Tryptophan on Velvetleaf Plant Growth," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Clifford Allen (History), "Service Un-Requited: African American Civil War Soldiers and their Fight for Freedom and Pension
    Compensation," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jordan Arellano (English), "Republic ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven:’ the Freedom of the Fall in Paradise Lost and His Dark Materials," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Kylynda Bauer (Biology), "Ampicillin and diet rapidly alter gut microbe physiology along the mouse digestive tract," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Kristen Bishop (Psychology), "Processing Load and Biopotentials: An Evaluation of a Consumer Electroencephalogram (EEG)," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Erica Bradfield (Behavioral Sciences), "The Diversity of Color: An Analysis of Cross-Cultural Color Symbolism," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Paola Caceres (Psychology), "The Role of Sabbath Keeping Internalization, Need Satisfaction, and Parental Environment in Well-Being," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Ilana Cady (Music), "A Composition Project: An Original 12-tone Fugue Modeled after J.S. Bach’s BWV 847," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Stephen Erich (Accounting, Economics and Finance), "The Effect of Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility on Share Returns in Indonesia," View Abstract
  • Philip Giddings (Biology), "Cytosolic Carboxypeptidase 5 (CCP5) and Cilia Development in Zebrafish," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Elvi Helgesen (English), "Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of values : value formation in Harry Potter," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Givan Hinds (Public Health and Wellness), "A study on the relationship between GRE Scores of Pre-Physical Therapy Students and National Physical Therapy Examination Scores: A Retrospective Study of One Midwestern Physical Therapy Program," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Eliana Iller (Psychology), "The Relationship Between Student Motivation, Resilience, and Parental Environment," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Michelle Imperio (Chemistry & Biochemistry), "Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Chalbenes," View Abstract and Thesis
  • John Irvine (English), "Evolution Over Revolution: A Generic Criticism of the Muscle Car’s Past and Present Hierarchy," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jamie Kim (Biology), "Investigation of spatial isotope ratios in soil and the effects of fertilizer on plant isotope ratios," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Travis King (Public Health and Wellness), "The Relationship Between Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Diet Pattern in Andrews University
    Students," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Christine Lee (Biology), "hcnABC Operon Transcription of Pseudomonas putida under Varying Iron and Oxygen Concentrations and Culture Age," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Kirk Maynard (Visual Art & Design), "Teaching Strategy: Explaining the History and Themes of Abstract Expressionism to High School Students Through the Integrative Model," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Jacina Shultz (English), "Worldview 2.0: Revisiting, Refinding, and Refining Faith in the University Years," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Cheryl Simpson (Psychology), "Sabbath-Keeping Experiences: The Relationships Between Religious Internalization, Well-Being, and Need Support," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Samantha Snelling (Physics), "What’s Important to Us? Understanding Cultural Differences between Science Disciplines," View Abstract
  • Allegra Stennett (Accounting, Economics, and Finance), "The Association between Open Market Operations and the S&P 500 Index from 2008-2010," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Kyungje Sung (Biology), "Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) Density and the Effect of Pollution Debris on the Crawling Rates of Hawksbill Hatchlings in Utila, Honduras," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Ross Trecartin (Biology), "The Prevalence of Encysted Toxoplasma & Sarcocystis in Consumer-Grade Pork, Beef, and Mutton in
    Michiana," View Abstract and Thesis
  • Kathleen Wilson (English), "'Diagnosis' And Other Essays: Exploration In Personal Writing," View Abstract
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