Undergraduate Publications

  • J. L. Hayward, L. M. Weldon, S. M. Henson, L. C. Megna, B. G. Payne, and A. E. Moncrieff. 2014. Egg cannibalism in a seabird colony increases with sea surface temperature. Condor 116(1):62-73. View Article
  • J.D. Cowles, S. M. Henson, J. L. Hayward, and M. W. Chacko. 2013. A method for predicting harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) haulout and monitoring long-term population trends without telemetry. Natural Resource Modeling 26:605-627. View Article
  • M.A. McCormick, J. L. Hayward, and S. M. Henson. 2013. Egg mass in Glaucous-winged Gulls (Larus glaucescens) as a function of length and width. Northwestern Naturalist 94:147-150. View Article
  • A.E. Moncrieff, L. C. Megna, J. L. Hayward, and S. M. Henson. 2013. Mating patterns and breeding success in gulls of the Larus glaucescens-occidentalis complex, Protection Island, Washington, USA. Northwestern Naturalist 94:67-75. View Article
Engineering and Computer Science
  • Boon-Chai Ng, James Magbana and Gunnar Lovhoiden. Evaluation of the electrical resistance and capacitance of a di-electric electro-active polymer. The 8th Pacfic Rim International Congress on Advanced Materials and Processing, Edited by Fernand Marquis, TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society), pg. 35-43, 2013. View Article
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