Spring 2012 Undergraduate Research Scholars

  • Lindsay Dever (Randall Younker), Pottery preparation for scanning and publication
  • Erica Evans (Ryan Hayes), Fluorescent Copper Sensor using Dimethylaminocyanostilbene, View Thesis
  • Lora Filipova (Desmond Murray), Synthesis of mixed acylals via mixed anhydrides
  • Sarah Gane (Randall Younker), Pottery reconstruction, 3D scanning and analysis
  • Jermaine Henry (Herbert Helm), Generational Differences in Mate Selection Characteristics
  • Davina Johnson (Desmond Murray), Synthesis of genomic stilbenes
  • Jonathan Koch (Marcella Myers), “Teaching the ‘Other’ in Immigration” in The Other People: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Migration for the 21st Century
  • Arianna Lashley (Karl Bailey), Religion and Free Will: Restoration after Ego Depletion
  • Steven Lee (John Stout), Comparisons on the Response of the Omega Neuron 1 to Male Calling Songs between Virgin and Colonized Female Acheta domesticus
  • Sarah Lee (Curt VanderWaal), Evaluation of Christian Record Products and Services for the Visually Impaired, View Thesis
  • James Lynch (Ryan Hayes), Isolation and Identification of Arginine-Based Heterocyclic Amines
  • James Magbanua (Hyun Kwon), Bifunctional chemical linker synthesis and characterization
  • Shelley McLarty (James Hayward), Taphonomic effects of burning on avian eggshell, View Thesis
  • Amy Nadane (Robert Zdor), Bacterial growth & IAA production in velvetleaf root exudates, View Thesis
  • Sheree Occenad (John Stout), Response Properties of the Omega 1 Auditory Neuron in Female Crickets Raised with Males
  • Autumn Pelkey (Lionel Matthews), Religious and Social-psychological outcomes of Nature Interaction
  • Chelsea Powell (Duane McBride), The role of clergy in providing access to mental health services for congregants
  • Zechariah Ray (Constance Gane), Drawings of Mischwesen from the Neo-Babylonian Period
  • Tanner Williams (Boon-Chai Ng), Evaluating the mechanical properties of Dielectric Electro Active Polymer (DEAP)


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