Spring 2013 URS

  • Kristen Bishop (Karl Bailey), Ego Depletion and Visual Executive Function Tasks
  • Lindsey Dever (Harvey Burnett), Understanding Expressive Writing, View Thesis
  • Courtney Dykstra (Martin Smith), A Digital Model for the Tall Hisban Archaeological Site
  • Erica Evans (Ryan Hayes), On-Off Fluorescent Copper Sensor using Dimethylaminocyanostilbene, View Thesis
  • Stephanie Gondra (Herb Helm), Hook-up culture among college students: A comparison of attitudes toward hooking up based on ethnicity and gender
  • Eliana Iller (Melissa Ponce-Roads), How does educational attainment relate to church involvement and definitions of domestic violence?
  • Nathalie Kip (Thomas Lowing), The Effect of Transportation and Sustainable Development: A Comparative Study of American and European Cities
  • Jonathan Lee (Lisa Ahlberg), Amino acid racemization analysis of flame treated egg shell fragments using reversed-phase HPLC
  • Davina Johnson Lowe (Desmond Murray), Calcium Oxide as a Base in Organic Synthesis
  • James Magbanua (Boon-Chai Ng), Evaluation of the Electrical Resistance and Capacitance of a Dielectric Electro-Active Polymer(DEAP)
  • Tyler Pender (Ryan Hayes), Isolation and identification of Carcinogenic Arginine-Based Heterocyclic Amines
  • Robert Polski (Hyun Kwon), Characterization of adenylin rhodanine deriviates as bifunctional linker to metal and metal oxide
  • Joshua Sanabria (Ariel Solis), Kinetic Architecture: The Microsoft Kinect camera and its use for architectural 3D modeling, View Thesis
  • Joshua Szynkowski (Lisa Ahlberg), Synthesis and investigation of isoxazoline scaffolds as selective antibacterial agents
  • Olivia Titus (Duane McBride), The Internalization of Religion Related to Improved Well-Being and Parental Relationships
  • Azra Totobesola (Duane McBride), Becoming Formal or Informal Entrepreneurs: How Institutions Matter
  • Doneva Walker (Oystein LaBianca), Jordan in Global History: Narrating the Findings of Four Decades of Research by the Madaba Plains Project
  • Brittany Wojcik (Desmond Murray), Development of a New MPV Reducing System Based on Lithium Hydride


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