Summer 2012 Undergraduate Research Scholars

  • Lacey Barroso (Oystein LaBianca), Digitizing and analyzing 70 ASOR affiliated digs
  • Jacob Brassington (Tom Goodwin), Dietary and seasonal signals in stable isotopes of incisor enamel from free-ranging, thirteen-lines ground squirrels, View Thesis
  • Sarah Gane (Randall Younker), Pottery reconstruction, 3D scanning and analysis
  • Elizabeth Glover (Kathryn Silva Banks), African American experience in the southern textile industry: from Jim Crow to Black Power
  • Ricardo Huancaya (Hyun Kwon), Development and characterization of combined FET and QCM-D setup
  • Davina Johnson (Desmond Murray), Synthesis of genomic stilbenes
  • Luke Kang (Hyun Kwon), Characterization of bi-functional chemical linker
  • Steven Lee (John Stout), Evaluation of the differences between the phonotactic and auditory neuronal responses of virgin and nonvergin female Gryllus bimaculatus to models of the male's calling songs, View Thesis
  • Camille Martin (Desmond Murray), Efficient nanoparticle catalyst system for biomass decarboxylations
  • Kalyanram Sompalli (Boon-Chai Ng), Dielectric electro active polymer (DEAP)
  • Joshua Szynkowski (Lisa Ahlberg), Synthesis and investigation of isoxazoline scaffolds as selective antibacterial agents
  • Olivia Titus (Duane McBride), Risk and protective factors in Andrews University student risk behavior
  • Kristen Wallace (Stanley Beikmann), Iron age royal gardens in the southern levant
  • John Zdor (Gordon Atkins), Sorting out the taxonomy of black chirping crickets in the South West USA





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