Summer 2013 Undergraduate Research Scholar Awardees

  • Clifford Allen (Kathryn Silva Banks), African American Veterans, the Combahee River Raid, and the Politics of the Race in the U.S. Pension Office, 1865-1930
  • Matthew Chacko (Monique Pittman), Mythologies of Masculinity in Coriolanus
  • Cassandra Chlevin (Karl Bailey), Sources of Religious Knowledge as Predictors of Social and Moral Reasoning
  • Stephen Gilbert (Ryan Hayes), Evaluation of Copper(II) Ion-Dimethylaminocyanostilbene Binding Interaction
  • Michael Hess (Hyun Kwon), Measurement of protein binding in the combinded QCM-D and EGFET device
  • Ricardo Huancaya (Gunnar Lovhoiden), Design of a Prototype Clinical Near Infrared Imager
  • Davina Johnson Lowe (Desmond Murray), Calcium Oxide as a Base in Organic Synthesis
  • Erika Mikkelson (Constance Gane), The Life and Status of Women in Achaemenid Persia
  • Zachary Reichert (Ryan Hayes), Improved Recovery and Purification of Carcinogenic Arginine-Based Heterocyclic Amines
  • Michael VanderWaal (Duane McBride), Traumatic Life Experiences and Health Risk Behavior
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