AU Faculty Senate Most Recent Agenda

October 2014

1. Review and approval of Minutes D. Randall?

1.1. Vote

2. Strategic Planning (FSPC) and the Senate N. Miller

2.1. For discussion & vote by full senate

3. Faculty Meetings frequency & chairship N. Miller

3.1. For vote by full senate

4. Gen Conf 2015 session faculty seats N. Miller

4.1. For discussion

5. Report on Faculty Institute C. Arthur

6. Report on Faculty/Staff/Administration Lunches D. Agnetta

6.1. Update to senators; VOTE?

7. Reports from four key committees

7.1. Undergraduate Council M. Pittman

7.2. Graduate Council F. Cortez

7.3. Academic Ops Council J. Lim

7.4. Faculty Policy and Devel. N. Miller

8. Release time N. Miller

9. New Business

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