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Below is a list of GNST 116 course details:

  1. This is a Tutorial class with a maximum of three students, taught by a peer tutor.
  2. Each Tutee will be given a grade for this course at the end of the semester. "S" is a satisfactory grade and "U" is a unsatisfactory grade. The basic requirement for an "S"is to have attended 70% of my scheduled tutoring sessions. Each tutor as well as Student Success keeps track of the attendance.
  3. Tutoring is a course and therefore each tutee's attendance and participation are required. Canceling a session for any reason besides illness, emergency, or other class requirements is not acceptable.
  4. This course will be part of each tutee's undergraduate courses and will appear on their transcripts with a grade.
  5. When each student signs up for 1 credit of tutoring, they will receive 2 sessions a week. Each of these sessions is 50 minutes. (2 credits = 4 sessions a week; 3 credits = 6 sessions a week; etc.)
  6. If the students credits for this course are within the tuition package for a full-time undergraduate student (12-16 credits), then they will not be charged beyond the package price, since they have already paid for 16 credits.
  7. The maximum tutoring credits a student can register for in any semester is 4 credits. The total tutoring credits that one can sign up for in a Bachelor's Degree is 8 credits.
  8. There is an open registration for the course throughout the semester. The tutee will not be charged a late fee id registering after the University drop/add deadline.
  9. If, for any reason, an individual would like to drop the class, GNST 116, they will be charged a $30.00 fee by Academic Records. (See current AU Bulletin, p.58)
  10. The tutorial sessions are intended to help the individual master the course material. Tutoring sessions are NOT an opportunity for the student to have the tutor do their homework. The tutor is provided to mentor the tutee and guide them through the assignment. Under NO circumstances is the tutee to ask the tutor or insinuate to the effect that the tutor should "help" the individual by doing their work for them. The tutor has been instructed that this is not allowed.
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