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The Co-Curriculum

A Gathered and Growing Community

Andrews University offers a rich learning environment inside and outside the classroom. As part of earning a degree, undergraduate students are expected to engage in out-of-class learning. This complements classroom education and allows students to document valuable experiences that can be shared with graduate schools and prospective employers.

Learning Outcomes. Co-curricular learning targets individual and campus community outcomes in four areas.

  • A Healthy U focuses on physical fitness, sustainable nutrition and personal wellbeing.
  • A Successful U focuses on academic skills, creative capacities and career readiness.
  • A Committed U focuses on faith development, spiritual support and Christian influence.
  • A Better U focuses on cultural competence, service orientation and leadership development.

Together with the academic curriculum, these programs deliver the whole-person education at the heart of Andrews University’s mission.

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*Please note the following corrections to April 2014:

  • April 8 -- University Workshops (rather than Academic Assemblies), Buller/Nethery, 11:30 a.m.
  • April 22 -- Awards Celebration (rather than University Workshops), HPAC, 11:30 a.m.
  • April 29 -- No Co-Curricular Programming
Co-Curricular Choices and Changes

Four types of co-curricular programs are offered:

  1. Tuesday and Thursday Choices meet each week during the 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. period.
    1. Tuesdays offer a variety of programs, including University Forums, Departmental Assemblies and several Workshop Series. These programs are focused on academic, professional and personal development.
    2. On Thursdays the University community meets for Chapel in Pioneer Memorial Church to explore and celebrate faith.
  2. Residence Hall Choices occur throughout the week in the residence halls.
  3. Other Campus Choices include Friday Vespers, Student Concerts and Recitals, Student Gallery Openings and educational programs planned by student organizations and campus departments.
  4. Changes. Co-curricular credit is given to students who reflect on their involvement in a student organization, volunteer agency, campus ministry, workplace or local church. One credit is given for each hour of involvement, for a maximum of 7–10 hours per semester. A Learning Reflection must be completed in order to receive credit. Please contact Student Life for more information.


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