Homeshow Weekend this Year April 10-12

Homeshow is the culmination of the Gymnic year.  Months of work are finalized as we take over the Johnson gym to create each year's custom stage, and perform for the Andrews University campus, local schools, family, friends, and the Berrien community.  Each year we choose a theme and attempt to communicate spiritual topics through our sport.  Homeshow is also a time for our Infinite and Partnership programs to take the stage with us.  Tickets are sold for two weeks leading up to the show.

Last year's homeshow theme took us on an Arabian night.  Gymnasts played out three Bible stories on the topic of being "Ready."  The first was the parable of the prodigal son teaching that God is always ready for us to return.  The second was the parable of the ten virgins which encouraged us continually allow God to keep us ready for His return.  The final story was the story of David as God prepared him to fight Goliath leading to the idea that God is always preparing His children for what he has in store for us.

Each year the Friday of homeshow week is focused on performing for local schools.  If you'd like to bring your school to homeshow please email

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