Graduate Courses

NRSG510 (2) - Christian Ministry
Explores spiritual needs within the context of health and illness and the incorporation of spiritual beliefs into the plan of care. Includes an assessment of how the client and one’s own individual spirituality affects health care behaviors. Spring

NRSG517 (3) - Health Care Systems
Examines the organizational structure of health-care systems in the United States and other countries. Alternative approaches for the delivery of health care are compared with consideration of quality-related, economical, and ethical concerns. Fall

NRSG515 (3) - Teaching Strategies
Explores the knowledge and competencies needed to develop and apply evidence based innovative teaching strategies in the classroom and clinical settings. Strategies for distance and web based learning are also included. Spring

NRSG530 (3) - Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
Explores theories of health promotion and disease prevention at the advanced practice level with emphasis on patient education, epidemiology, health beliefs, and the seven laws of health. Fall

NRSG548 (3) - Advanced Pathophysiology
An in-depth study of select pathophysiology concepts which will enable nurses to critically evaluate therapeutic strategies for maintenance and achievement of restoration. Age-related and ethnic variations will be explored. Spring

NRSG555 (2) - Advanced Health Assessment
Develop advanced assessment skills necessary to teach the skills to others as they restore clients of various ethnic groups to health and identify risk factors for illness of particular cultural groups.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 548, 638. Fall

NRSG580 (2) - Nursing Theory and Application
Examines theories and conceptual frameworks of nursing, ethics, leadership, models for providing care, and Restoration to the Image of God in regards to advanced practice of nursing. Explores feasibility, conceptual integrity, and congruence with personal values.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 638. Fall

NRSG638 (2) - Interpersonal Dynamics
Provides graduate nursing students with advanced knowledge related to underlying interpersonal concepts, skills, and practical approaches specifically for relationship building, effective communication, facilitation of informed decision-making, conflict awareness and management, crisis intervention, constructive feedback, and delivery of potentially disturbing information; in academic, health care, and community-based settings. Fall

NRSG655 (3) - Research Utilization
Prepares the student to critically evaluate research studies and to design strategies for integrating or utilizing research to guide and develop an evidence based practice specific to their anticipated advanced practice role.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 580, 638, 658, 660. Spring

NRSG658 (2) - Learning Theory and Health Teaching
Provides advanced practice nurses with teaching strategies that are both theoretical and evidence based followed with strategies and skills necessary for successful instruction and teaching of clients, community, nursing students, and other health care professionals.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 638. Fall

NRSG660 (2) - Curricular Development
Provides students with knowledge related to analysis, development or design, and re-design or improvement, and evaluation of client, student, or professional nursing curricula. Instruction on principles and procedures for curricular development will be addressed.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 638. Fall

NRSG665 (3) - Nursing Education Outcomes
Students are provided information on methods for assessing overall educational outcomes, such as the individual patient education, classroom instruction, and in providing continuing education units for professional nurses.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 580, 638, 658, 660. Spring

NRSG668 (2) - Roles in Nursing Education
Explores the various teaching and faculty roles that impinge upon the nurse educator. An understanding of the requirements of scholarship activities such as clinical currency, academic productivity, and teaching expertise are examined.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 580, 638, 658, 660. Spring

NRSG670 $ (0) - Project Continuation
Student may register for this title while clearing deffered grade (DG) and/or incomplete (I) courses with advisor approval only. Registration for this title indicates full-time status

NRSG675 $ (0) - Program Continuation
Students may register for this non-credit continuation course to maintain active status. For additional information on active status, please refer to p. 51 in the bulletin. registration does not indicate full-time status

NRSG680 (4) - Teaching Practicum
Provides the student with the opportunity to utilize knowledge gained in the nursing-education courses, in a nursing-focused educational experience of their choosing. A total of 300 clock hours are required.
Prerequisites: NRSG510, 517, 515, 548, 555, 580, 638, 655, 658, 660, 665, 668. Fall

NRSG690 (1-3) - Independent Study

NRSG698 (2) - Research Utilization Project
Requires the student to use a recognized research utilization model to develop an evidence-based Nursing Education project.
Prerequisite or corequisite: NRSG655.